What is guided meditation?

When you sent your mind on your intention to be more at peace, healthy, and happy whatever your experience of meditation is that follows is what is helpful for creating and having more happiness in your life. There are a variety of ways to meditate and experience the peaceful benefits of meditation.

The two methods of meditation that I have experienced the most benefits from include mindfulness meditation and guided meditations. The video above is a guided meditation I created to help you feel and live a happier more successful life. First, let me share a few thoughts about mindfulness meditation because I have found it to also be a very helpful type of meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation is:

  • A practice of purposely placing your full attention on the present moment.
  • Something you can do anytime and anywhere and the more you do it the greater the benefits.
  • As easy as taking several slow deep breaths you pay attention to.
  • A great way to disrupt anxiety and worry in your life!

You and I and most of us today are experiencing high levels of anxiety. We might worry about our financial security, about this dreadful pandemic, or our family and that worry create a cascade of negative thinking. So how do we stop our negative thinking and worrying?

One effective way to become more at peace and to stop cycles of worry and anxiety is to learn mindful meditation. As I mentioned, you can start by simply pausing whatever it is you’re doing. That takes the awareness that you are caught up in a cycle of negative self-talk and anxiety.  With practice, you’ll come to recognize your red flags and catch yourself going down the rabbit hole of worry and negativity. Awareness is a key to emotional freedom.

How do I stop being so negative?

First you interrupt your internal dialogue that is worrying about the future or caught up in anger or resentment about your past. Then, you can choose to take a slow deep breath which brings you back to the present moment. Place your attention on that breath as it goes in and out of your nose and chest and then as the air flows out again. Awareness is the key to emotional freedom.

There is no need to recite a mantra or special positive saying as in other forms of meditation like Transcendental Meditation.  But if you want to you can say something to focus your breathing. I sometimes use, “I breathe in love, I breathe out peace” and repeat that with each inhale and exhale. Try it!

After a few breathes you will find your inner voice chattering away about something to you. You might notice yourself saying “Oh is this meditation doing any good?” or perhaps something like, “I wonder if I’m doing this right” or you might notice something going on in the room around you or feel like you need to look at your phone. That is normal. That is your mind running off with your awareness and attention! Notice that. Then gently remind yourself to come back to your next breath. You might say “back to my breath” then take another slow deep mindful breath in and out again. Keep doing that every time your attention and mind wanders.

What’s the benefit of mindfulness meditation?

The present is all we have. We cannot make changes to our past or live in the future we fear. In the present, however, we can choose a higher vibrational thought & feeling like gratitude. We can decide to let go of past resentments & choose a new step to create something better!

What’s Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation features a narrator whose voice guides you to enter a state of relaxation and to become more peaceful. There are many other benefits of guided meditation.

  • You can access your subconscious mind and help create new habits of healthy thoughts and feelings.
  • You can gain a deep sense of relaxation that relieves stress and anxiety so you can sleep and sleep better.
  • Guided meditation can be done alone by listening to videos or audio programs such as the one I have shared above.
  • Guided meditations are a great way to relax at the end of the day and create a positive experience.

When we are active during the day our brain enters a brain wave state called Alpha. But when we are just falling asleep or just rising out of our sleep our brain is in a much deeper state of relaxation known as “Theta”. In this state of awareness, our subconscious mind or habitual mind can be effectively accessed.

When we use tools like guided meditations and or subliminal recordings (recordings at a barely audible level that our subconscious mind can hear), we can tell our mind to believe an entirely new reality about who we are and what our life is capable of becoming.

Our mind, our subconscious mind wants us to have the life we expect and think we should have and deserve. It has learned to see us the way we saw ourselves and others in authority around us saw us when we were in our early formative years as children when our brains more easily were in Theta wave.

This is when we create a story of self. This is when we learn about our relationship to things like money and food and relationships. Often, these stories we’ve accepted about money, health, and relationships limit our lives and happiness as adults. This is why we often fight to overcome the same issues with unhealthy relationships that seem to always fail or with money problems.

Guided meditation can help us reach a relaxed state of mind to enable us to instruct our subconscious mind to create a new story about a happier, healthier, more confident, and successful us. We need to practice this form of self awareness and self-improvement regularly to have the most impact.

I created this guided meditation to help you create a more self-compassionate and prosperous self-story and life! I very much hope you enjoy it and it helps you.

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Love & Light,
Joseph Segal


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