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Here’s your message today:


“We can share kindness.

We can share encouragement.

We can share friendship.

We can share solidarity,
and in these things find
a healthy, meaningful life.”

Joe Segal

Dear Friend

You are a hugely powerful and loving presence in the world!

In this introductory newsletter, you will get:


  • A free guide & lesson to remove your inner blocks to happiness and success.

  • An introduction to our mission to spread kindness!

  • Lots of unconditional love! ❤️


You are invited to imagine that there’s a field of loving consciousness 😍 that connects all people and all life at a level that transcends our imagined differences. I like to call it “Human Wi-Fi”. It’s like Bluetooth, but we call it YouTruth! You see, as you walk your life in your truth it “pairs” your energy with a wavelength of life-sustaining “flow”. It’s like BlueTooth but it’s not BlueTooth. It is …YouTruth! (cute huh?)

And the password to log on to that Human Wi-Fi is a sincere smile, a shared moment, being present with each other, and being kind and caring.

Leonard and I also want to invite you to keep your heart and eyes open (Your heart-eyes). Keep them open for opportunities to be fully present with people in a kind and caring positive way! But, not just with other people, be open to be fully present and caring and kind with yourself and with all of nature around you each day!

Just be ready to truly see the good around you and feel a sense of awe like when you were a child discovering life’s mysteries.

To get the best upload and download speeds in manifesting a great life, as you open your heart space and “pair” to the YouTruth energy system, see yourself and others without judgment, comparison, or expectations as best as you can. It takes practice, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Every day check your inbox for this newsletter, we will share a new quote or idea to inspire, uplift, and help you stay in tune with the greatness around you and inside you, which will help you activate the “Human Wi-Fi” and tune into your greatness and the abundantly loving Universe.

You deserve love! Happiness! And Success!

We greatly appreciate you being here and reading this now. I’m convinced we share a common goal—to create a loving, kinder world and live good lives together! Wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you so very much for choosing to focus on the positive in your life and help us amplify kindness! Please forward these emails to people you like and love.

By focusing on what is going right and what we are grateful for and appreciate, we create more positivity and positive outcomes in our lives and our world!

❤️ This is the Kindness Brother’s Newsletter. 🥰

In the coming days, we will share inspiring ideas, quotes from sages and poets, and ways you can feel and receive more abundance, joy, and kindness in your life. Please open it daily and ⭐ star it as important in your inbox.

These emails will help you create a positive start to your day!

This newsletter is about helping you and others tap into the unlimited life-enhancing, miracle-creating power of LOVE, and of kindness, and compassion so you can live a good and great life and so that everywhere you go you leave a trail of kindness behind you!
🥰 💫 🌞 🧙‍♂️ 😀


  • We will share animated “Happy Cards” that inspire people, so you can download them and give them to people on social media to brighten their days! It’s amazing how profoundly moved people can be by a sincere moment of validation and shared appreciation!

  • Uplifting stories about our lives. 😘 🌞 🥰 👍
    (Joe’s Moment of Awe)

  • You will get inspiring quotes, pictures, and videos!

  • You will get totally free, super powerful, and valuable tools for self-improvement and happiness, like the Self-Kindness Guide you can find a link to below. With these, you can make more progress in your life, live and feel better each day.

    Please download them, use them, and share them!

This is going to be great fun! Thank you for being part of our new community of love, kindness, and positivity.


😮 Joe’s Moment Of Awe 😍
It’s important to be kind to ourselves and take time to enjoy the little moments that are meaningful to us. They make life beautiful and easier on us too. Find time to connect to people, to nature, and to your own heart my friend!


During my morning walk, I saw a cluster of colorful wildflowers swaying gently in the breeze. I watched them sway like they were doing a type of dance together.

So lovely! It’s like watching the Earth breathe.


Friend, are you ready to uplevel your life, have some more peace, and freedom, and be surrounded by more kind, caring, and good people?

We are a Come Unity of people who value kindness and our mutual humanity. We are Human Kind! Thank you for joining this newsletter and our kindness family!

❤️ This is the Kindness Brother’s Newsletter. 🥰


The one thing I’ve learned for sure is that kindness has to start with ourselves.
So much of this newsletter will be about reminding you of this fact: 👇

You are a wonderful, and precious person
who is very important to the world!

You are quite Amazing! You are talented!

And you make the world better just by being in it!


Leonard and I (The Kindness Brothers) are sharing lots of great ways for you to be kind, patient, and loving to yourself and then to others using this newsletter.

We hope it informs, inspires, and uplifts you. If it does, Please share it, forward this email to your email friends, and on your social apps etc. Do this and you will find more and more happy positive people around you every day! Okay?

Everything you need to be happy, healthy, and prosperous
gets unlocked from within you!
Breathe! Dream! Love!


Yes, there are reasons external to us that make our lives harder. That is true. I know that, for example, Leonard and I recently lost our 91-year-old mother to Alzheimer’s disease. Her name was Raquel and we still feel her love all around us every day! That loss made being emotionally stable and positive very difficult. But thank God we have each other, and our friends like you to connect us to what matters most in life. And we all have these types of challenges in our lives, all of us do!

That said, the real crucial block to your living an optimally good and healthy, love-filled life is not outside of you so much as it is within you. It’s what happens between your ears that creates what happens between your years! This is true for every human being.

You are powerful!

This is about practicing self-kindness.


The only thing powerful enough to keep you from having more of the truly great life you dream of is, in fact, you! The good news is that you can grow and let go of inner self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. It takes time effort and lots of love, but YOU are Worth It!

You see, we hold ideas about ourselves from our earliest times as children and young people that become blocks to our happiness and success as adults.


It’s a valuable free lesson taken right out of my premium self-transformation course created on JosephSegal.com, and it’s yours forever at no cost as a subscriber because we care very deeply about you! I care! Leonard cares!

The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are worthy of determine whether the world and people are safe or not, Our stories determine our actions and the people we surround ourselves with. Actions create our lives. Our crowd and friends impact our opportunities for growth and success.

The inner mental conversations we have every day and night of our lives shape what happens in our lives with money, romance, intimacy, and our health.

You Deserve Kindness! Even From Yourself!

That is why working on reshaping our self-limiting beliefs and creating more self-compassion is so powerful and important! That is why I am offering you a free guide, and journal, which includes a powerful video lesson I designed to help you begin this process, so you can live the great life you want and need.

“You are here for Love and Love is here for you!”

-Joseph Segal


What if more of us could focus on loving kindness and growing positivity in our world together instead of focusing on our differences and negativity online?

If you want to be surrounded by happy people who are kind to you and others, please forward this email to a friend, relative, or workmate! Send them here to sign up for this newsletter.




Love is your birthright!
Joseph & Leonard Segal


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