We cannot always choose what shows up in our life, but we can choose how we show up to it! We can choose how we respond, what choices we make and what meaning we give to the events in our life.

You have that power. You used it to decide to increase your happiness by taking this course and joining our happiness community. You chose to make your happiness a priority and that is a great habit to establish and one of the core principles of this course and something we want to share with you here in this community. You are more powerful than you realize.

We are here to give you the knowledge, tools and support to learn to:

  • Improve your subconscious mind’s programming so you can create the ability to bounce back from stress & create a new and enjoyable happiness mindset.
  • Focus on creating purpose and meaning in your life by engaging with others out of compassion and kindness.
  • Practice a new way of consciously responding to stress to help you feel empowered to create steady positive progress you feel good about.
  • Create new happiness expanding habits for a more rewarding enjoyable life!

How to get the most out of this community.

A course to change the course of your life!

We are going to help you create a happiness plan. Here’s a helpful way to think about it. If you want to build your dream house, you need to have a blueprint detailing your plan. You’ll also need to have great tools. And those tools won’t build the house if you don’t actually pick them up and use them. This course shares what we like to think of as Happiness Power Tools.

That’s what the Happiness Checklist is, it’s a power tool for building more happiness! Every day of the week you get to check off the four key actions in the list and then put that week’s lesson to practice in some way in your life.

These lessons and activities are based on what social scientists have discovered is most often attributed to increased feelings of happiness by people around the world. You’ve got to pick up the tools and use them if you’re committed to creating the happier life you desire.


Every week you’ll get sent a notification you’ve got a new weekly lesson available. That lesson will include a downloadable and printable Happiness Checklist! Log into the course, watch the video lesson describing that week’s lesson and print out and use your Happiness Checklist. Why?  Because simply reading or watching things no matter how inspirational won’t help you change the course of your life! You need to have the tools and use them!


Every lesson is designed to help you learn more happiness life skills to reduce stress and design and experience the life you deeply desire. Every day commit to doing one more lesson! Watch the videos, read the text, listen to the audios when present.


You are not just a student here. You are a member of our happiness community! We are here to help you learn to use some of the powerful tools and tactics we share from mindfulness meditation to visualization and much more. We will share live videos and special downloads in our group and more than that share in the learning process among friends and happiness allies.