We are all connected to every human being and to every being on this planet. We are part of the living breathing Mother Earth and all struggling to grow, survive and thrive. Find peace & love in knowing you are one with an amazing and abundant family! ~ Joe Segal


This one’s pretty important. You and me and each one of us are connected as Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote;

“In a real sense all life is inter-related. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.”

Be a presence and channel of peace and compassion and you strengthen the web of compassion everywhere for everyone! There are no “small acts of kindness”, they are all profoundly powerful.

Embrace compassion! Be gentle and nurturing to yourself in this moment forgiving all of your old stories of your limitations, faults and grievances and embrace and the good inside you and around you  and  it will expand and multiply!

People, Man, Woman, Hug, Embrace, Happy

We can learn to cut ourselves some slack and just as we can work on not being to hard on others when they don’t meet our expectations of them.

Stop saying I should have done this or I should have done that and mentally beating yourself up over your regrets.

As the great recently departed Louise Hay would say “don’t should on yourself”. And don’t should on others either. We do not have to correct everyone we see saying or doing things “wrong” or in ways we ourselves would not. Seriously you’ll be happier and healthier the more you learn to let things go!

In reality and I’m sure you’ll find this to be true yourself, most people do not change their minds simply because you, me or anyone else makes a good argument about something. People change their minds or make up their minds after going through the rigors of their own lived experience.

Let the urge to correct and change others come and go like clouds passing overhead. You can always say “ah, that’s an interesting point of view I never considered!” or “thanks for sharing your perspective with me.” and let the person feel heard.  It’s human relationships that matter most in life and not being the “right” person in arguments. Collect good friends and allies and  moments in life, not good arguments and talking points.

I try every day to be present in life, and to notice the abundant beauty around me and in others, and sure enough it is there when I take the time to explore it!

Your focus is entirely your choice. People can try to distract you, to provoke you, but you ultimately have the ability to choose your own focus.  Social media,  news and streaming corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on capturing your attention, that’s how valuable it is.

When we try to argue with or change people what they experience is that they’re being confronted, corrected and criticized and that seldom feels good. Instead perhaps what we all need more of is to feel as if people hear us, understand us and appreciate us.

Perhaps if we focus on helping others feel heard and understood we can learn more about them and ourselves, and create more healthy relationships that lead to a happier life.  Compassion is like a human wi-fi system that opens our hearts and minds to the ultimate streaming programming of life.

Let the watchword of your day and life be compassion. The Dalai Lama said if you want others to be happy practice compassion. If you want to be happy practice compassion. 

You don’t need to correct everyone you see online or in your daily life. Instead pause and ask yourself what is the most compassionate response here? Sometimes it is silence. Other time’s it is to help them feel heard and understood and that is a better outcome than your trying to force them to understand you no matter how right or wise you feel your counsel is at the moment.

Remember, optimally we are all constantly learning and improving especially from our so-called failures in life. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that diamonds are created when lumps of coal are put under tremendous amounts of pressure.  And everyone out there is under pressure.

Well, we are all going through some pressures or others in this life today. We all could use more kindness and caring right? Compassion is a powerful tool for happiness and success, and it starts with each of us being kind to ourselves.

When you hear a critical voice in your head berating you for missing an opportunity to say something or do something, respond to that voice with compassion. Say “Yes that was then and this is now and I’m much better now!” That interrupts the echo of your past anxiety and replaces it in the present with compassion. If this is the one thing you get from this course I believe it will give you a tool to increase your happiness for years to come!

This kinder gentler attitude towards oneself helps create a habit of approaching people with understanding and compassion as well, and you’ll find people will begin to respond with the same positive energy.

This kindness and caring starts within me practices also creates a conducive environment at work for optimum performance. You’ll start to radiate kindness and people will feel more comfortable with helping you and that is a very good thing indeed!

Look for the good in people and experiences. Ask yourself positive empowering questions that lead you to helpful realizations and observations about the people you engage with. “What can I learn from this?” “How is this a good thing” and “what can I learn from this person?” are all good questions to steer yourself towards a the habit of unconditional positive regard. There’s a humorous saying I like which reminds me there’s always something good to see in someone;

Everyone brings joy into my life, some by coming into it and some by leaving!


When people unfollow or block you on social media or cut you out of their life, instead of taking it personally try to see it as the universe protecting you and helping to guide you towards people who are a better energetic match for you.  I like to say, “thank you universe for guiding me to the people and places I can be and do the most good, I trust you to guide me today!” and this affirmation or prayer helps me put my ego aside and develop a sense of abiding trust in my path and fate.

Instead of saying “what could possibly go wrong now?” as we all tend to do from time to time, ask yourself “what could possible go right now?”  Ask yourself “You know what I really love about this person?” when you’re engaging with a person online or in person and then take a few deep slow breaths and just relax.  The Bible says Asks and ye shall be answered.  What answers do you want?

Here’s your opportunity to amplify your happiness! Set your intention to be curious about the good in people you encounter in life. Look for something to sincerely compliment in the people you work with, you live with and you meet each day because whatever you appreciate appreciates meaning it increases!

Now take action in this moment. Grab something to write on or open a doc online and write down a list of all of the people you know that you could express some appreciation to. What do you like about them? What do you really appreciate about them? If you can’t find something positive, then be patient and listen to them and be present with them until you see something. It will be there!  Be on a positive scavenger hunt in life to find something good in everyone and everything possible and watch your energy and prosperity increase!