he Third Eye@julm_m_88· 

You are a wonderfully strange oasis of goodness on here! 😃

I see your posts peppered in between the hard issue posts on my feed, and it’s nice to have yours as a speed bump, of sorts!


Pete Lawson@aHideousThing·

You’re the usually-smile to my sometimes-frown, Joe 


Leslie SoCal@Leslie64993617

Your positivity and kindness is a breath of fresh air in a world gone mad Joe. I’m glad we’re friends. 💕


Rev George Hennion@63revg·

Just keep being you Joe. Quite frankly,the world needs more love and positivity. Your a unique and authentic person, you rock my friend✌✌✌✌✌💕💕💡💡💡💡💡🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂



Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. Many people could benefit from this. You have a big heart❤️


Danielle Workman #WhyArePeopleStupid@princessdee333·

…it always makes my day better to see the kindness and positivity you offer. Have an amazing day, Joe!


salome2 @salome214·Jan 30

It is coming. Ascension is very near and for many ongoing. Keep your light going, my friend. It elevates the world.



Thanks Joe! You’re one of the people who I try to be like and a big influence on me.


Even in death I serve the Omnissiah@Skie4589

You are an old soul who has had a long journey. During that time you came to the conclusion that the most important thing is to be as kind and loving as possible. You have put a lot of good energy out there and I hope it comes back to you to.


Chris Hammer 🌹@HamaramaDD·Jan 21

Thank you for this reminder Joe. Sometimes when things are bad or dull, lonely, even depressing, it’s easy to forget what an adventure it has been at other times and can be again.


Sociopaths do not need sleeping pills🌹🌎🇺🇸@upNorthmigrl

You are a gift and I always appreciate your uplifting words and kindness💝


Danielle Workman #WhyArePeopleStupid@princessdee333

Thank you for the positive vibes you send out every day, you are very much appreciated 😊✌💜


Daeley — SPEAK TRUTH FROM YOUR SOUL!!@Daeley123·Jan 10

btw, i don’t think i’ve told you yet that i simply adore you and your tweets. You are an uplifting kind hearted soul that spreads light and love in an otherwise dark and toxic online social media world. much love to year dearest brother and angel of light!!


Astrid Kaysen@astrid_kaysen·

Joe, you are the kindest person I’ve ever seen.


DJ Claussen 🌹@DJClaussen71

For those desperately in need of some positivity on their TL, I suggest giving this man a follow.
He is, without a doubt, one of Twitter’s greatest purveyors of hope, kindness, & just basic Humanity. A true light in the darkness & one of the people that keep me sane!
Thanks, Joe!


John Fusco@JohnFusco12·

Thank you, Joe. You are a bright light in an overcast world.


mark janoschak (he/him)@MJanoschak·

Your compassion is compelling/infectious. Thank you for your output into the world,



I was thinking today how you always put love and positivity out there and i want to be more like you. I appreciate you!


Petrichor Exulansis@PetExula·

You are such a good seed, Joe 💙 Your ability to hope for better outshine nearly everyone I know.☀️😎


🐋L OLA MARina NATURE Defender 🌎🌳💦🌊Hibernating@1lolamarina·

I thought of you as I helped a total stranger at a public pool today! He was having trouble walking and I gave him a pep talk!


Cynthia Burnett 🇺🇦🇺🇦@BurnettCynthia·

You voice is a soothing affirmation to the soul. You words speak to the energy of Source and the Power Within. Many have yet to realize the great unveiling is underway. It is the Light shining on all hidden things so the collective consciousness, as One, can change.


William Mottolese@WMottolese·

Your beautiful grammar was a vehicle for your deeply wise, eloquent, and inspiring message. I am blessed to have read it.


Cynthia Burnett@BurnettCynthia

Your soul has moved on from the duality and separation that most are still wrestling with. It is beautiful to see your thoughts and your feelings expressed here. Thank you for spreading your light and compassion for everyone still running the maze, trying to work the puzzle.


John Fusco@JohnFusco12

Dear Sir: Thank you for your selfless work in encouraging and inspiring kindness and compassion amongst your fellows. Without these traits we are mere creatures of the edge, protecting only ourselves. I am proud to support you and your message of good will and kindness.