The Course To Help Change The Course Of Your Life!

by Joseph segal


This course is designed to share cutting edge and spiritually infused self-development ideas, techniques and tools to help you learn to align your thoughts and feelings with life-empowering lifeforce energy that propels you forward towards your greatest goals and helps you become more resilient to some of the negativity that is swirling around us all every day.

After many years of spiritual and metaphysical studies with shamans, Eastern philosophical and a variety of mystical practices, my life was rich and fascinating. But I set that aside to focus on financially enriching myself. 

To make a lifetime and long story short, I discovered that separating the physical financial and “mundane” from the spiritual aspects of reality was folly. Everything is connected and infused with the lifeforce energy that animates us all. I found that being present, mindful, grateful and listening to life enriched all aspects of my life’s journey!

In this time of so much isolation and separation, it is more important than ever to create meaningful connections with other people and to the good energy, we want our life and world to be about. This course helps you connect with your own true nature, with your purpose and everyone you encounter.

It is being connected to our intuition and the flow or current of positive lifeforce energy that helps us to keep moving through life towards our Path Of Heart, creating our own destiny.

In this course and membership I want to help you create routines & rituals that help you align with compassion and radiate kindness from the inside out.

It is this mindfulness practice that wakes us up from the past regrets & resentments or future worries into the beautiful peace and power that flows to us in the present here and now moment.

Here’s what I invite you and all of us to do:
Stand in your truth, walk through your fear, and manifest the wonderful life that is here!

How? We do this by connecting with passion and to compassion & love while appreciating and uplifting our lives with daily simple yet profoundly powerful rituals and ideas.

We become generous with the love inside us. Generous to ourselves and to others and in coming from service to others & our world we heal ourselves & grow our personal power.

That is what this course will help us explore in a variety of ways I hope you enjoy.