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Here’s your message today:

“Speak kindly to yourself and others. Bathe yourself in the warm light of self-love & compassion, and you will shine a great light into the world!”

-Joseph Segal


Dear Friend,

Amidst the challenges of life, let’s not forget the impact of small acts of kindness. Mother Teresa, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, once said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Let this reminder inspire you to spread kindness and compassion, knowing that your actions can create a ripple effect of goodness.

These were exclusively created to share with you to help you and they are very valuable and inspirational so please grab them and use them. Stop doom-scrolling X or the “news” on your phone, please! Program yourself with love and kindness instead! You are worth it!


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One fun way to speak kindly to yourself is using the powerful Tapping or EFT technique you can learn here. Try it. I think you’ll find at a minimum its very calming and soothing.

Tap into the power of ultimate compassion, love, and prosperity with the power of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique “Tapping”!

This is a very calming and helpful process that, when used regularly it can help you move through various blocks of energy where you get stuck in life! I have created my own version, shown below. It helps to open us up as a channel of holistic, loving prosperity in life! Sound good? Can I get an Amen? Yes!

OK, so you know how I knew this World Tapping Circle was the right one to share with you? I got a sign! I have had some amazing spiritual dreams. In one dream, I was presented by an Indian Shaman with a shirt made of living blue butterflies! So I found this World Tapping Group and right on their website was this beautiful blue butterfly!!! This was very definitely a sign. I hope you try them and love the experience too!


😮 Joe’s Moment Of Awe 😍
It’s important to be kind to ourselves and take time to enjoy the little moments that are meaningful to us. They make life beautiful and easier on us too. Find time to connect to people, to nature, and to your own heart my friend!


Waving at my neighbors as they walked their dogs, I received warm smiles and nods in return. The simple exchange created a sense of unity and made me appreciate the familiar faces in my community. I think dogs are love wrapped in fur. 🙂



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“You are here for Love and Love is here for you!”

-Joseph Segal


What if more of us could focus on loving kindness and growing positivity in our world together instead of focusing on our differences and negativity online?

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Love is your birthright!
Joseph & Leonard Segal

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