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SNAP is not designed to help us avoid our feelings. It’s purpose is to help us not drown in them, not dwell in judgmental and often falsely negative critical self-talk that leads to feeling less than, inadequate and unworthy in life. It is a tool to help you to notice your thoughts and feelings and choose new thoughts that empower you to live the life you choose, not a life chosen by subconscious habits from years past or past traumas in your life.

Hello, welcome back. You are doing great. You are doing really great!

I am so happy that you are following along and participating in the inner circle and learning this process that I’m sharing, of waking up into our happiness of freeing ourselves from the control of our self-limiting thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves about our value in the world and who we are and what we’re worthy of and capable of and not worthy of and capable of. It’s important you believe in yourself!

I am sharing this lesson and course with you so that you could raise your vibrations, elevate your vibrations and enjoy a more meaningful, purposeful joyful life that is free from the external forces of distraction that separate you from the love that is life, that separate you from enjoying who you are from creating a life of value and purpose, and that keep you from loving yourself and loving life, and being kind and caring, the kind and caring person that you really are!

And so I want to sincerely thank you for being here and to share one of the tools that I’ve developed to help deal with the situation where by we are distracted, we are extracted, we are separated and divided from each other, and from the love, that is us.

Please know and remember that your true vibration is (love!). Please, remember this. Think about it often in fact. Set a reminder on your phone with this truth!

I find strength and peace in the mantra “I am here for love and love is here for me!” It’s a mutual admiration society between our essence and the great love that is the Infinite Loving Universe!

Too often in life we become people who constantly compare ourselves to what we think we should be, or are upset over what other people say about us, or worry about what others think about us. This is an illusion.

Too often, we step out of the moment of life and we live in the comments section of social media, Instagram, Tik, TOK, Twitter, what have you, and we are subject to the whims of people saying nice things or mean things to us. And then our life gets stuck in ruts where we don’t really make the advances and create the life that we deserve and that we want to.

So I am finding my way, just like you are through this spider web of distractions and emotional manipulation from what’s going on in the so-called news to social media, to just our relationships in life and our patterns and, and habits that we’ve adopted from childhood that don’t serve us any longer as adults. I’m struggling and making my way through that.

And it’s my life journey to learn from people to learn from social scientists, to learn from psychologists, to learn from shamans, and mystics everything I can and just soak it up so that I could share it with you. And there’s a world of wisdom and knowledge you can go out absorb & share too!

In fact if you want to get the most out of this course you will share what you learn with someone or other people. Find ways to add to what I teach, make it yours and share it with others.

We can learn to elevate our vibration, to manifest the life we want to live and be less susceptible to people’s negativity or our own internal negativity and anger.

We can continuously reduce the things that separate us from the vibration that is truly us and that vibration is love. It is very powerful when we do this.

You are very powerful. You are very loved. And I want you to know that always, even though we may feel alone, we may feel powerless at time times. That is an illusion.

The reality is love. Fear can also be a tool though. It is a signal of what to pay attention to and learn from.

But at the root of all existence is the vibration of love and with it, the limitless potentiality of life that is ours to manifest. 

We create our life by our frequent thoughts, our strong feelings, and through our consistent actions!

Most of all perhaps we create our life through our focus, deeply held beliefs and strong intentions.

So what do we do when things are going awry, when things are causing us to be upset, to be depressed to be full of anxiety.

What do we do not to spiral down the negative staircase of being angry, then being depressed, then having despair and falling into that, that chaos that negative cycle?

Our negative vibrational spirals like that impacts our health. Our body starts producing these harmful hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline that are meant to keep us safe but can do in fact harm us.

When we were a species walking the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, human beings survived out on the land by running away from things that go bump in the night, like big bears and tigers oh my.

We developed this part of our brain that’s the fight or flight part of our brain, where you look and you decide, are you going to freeze?

Are you going to fight or are you going to run like crazy and try not to be some things lunch? It gets our heart beating and pumps, lots of blood through our, our heart and cortisol and adrenaline to make us strong, but it also has a very negative damaging impact on our health and our emotional and physical health. Modern society today keeps us in a kind of perpetual state of fight or flight, it’s artificial and making us sick!

And this is why it’s profitable for the news and for Twitter for the social media to keep us our attention focused in this fight or flight type of, of anxious energy. And so they keep in the algorithm, it keeps pumping in more things for us to be outraged about and fearful about so that will stay glued to the screen like we do it’s addicting. Because if we feel sick we will need to buy things to make us better and advertisers will make money.

And then we agree with people who are upset and we retweet them and other people get upset too. And this makes advertisers lots of money. Which apparently is what drives the world is to make advertisers lots of money.

But we can choose what we focus on. It takes work. So one of the things that I want to suggest in this process, in this course, in this inner circle is we learned a tool I developed called S.N.A.P.

Okay. S.N.A.P is an acrostic because the letters stand for something else,

S N A P.  Here we go. Snap, 

S stands for See to see what it is that we are telling ourselves to see the story. To see the story that we’re telling ourselves about something that we find upsetting.

This isn’t fair. This is wrong. This is an insult. This is personal, whatever it is, I’m not good enough to handle this. I’m not going to be able to make it through this, whatever the stories are that we’re telling ourselves, that’s getting us anxious that’s getting us upset then notice it, see it just for a moment.

The S in S.N.A.P. stands for “See”. See the story that you’re telling yourself, that’s making you upset.

Okay. And the next is N and stands for “notice”. Notice how your body is responding, reacting, notice your breathing. Is it rapid? Because when we get upset, our breathing gets shallow, shallow, and weak. So we start pumping more blood like I mentioned.

And so, notice your breathing and just focus on your breathing. Just notice each breath going in and out. No, this is how your body feels. Is it tense? Are you holding tension in your, in your face, between your eyes in your mouth and your cheeks and your. And so let your job just slacken in and relax a little bit, take a deep breath in and out.

Notice your body. If it’s tense, just let it go loose and loosening up your, your shoulders and your body a little bit, and just focus on your breathing and, and letting your the peace at the center of your body be your focus, just your, your calmness and peace at the center of your body. See that as your focus, as you’re breathing in and focusing on your breath and slowing down your breathing okay.

And loosening all the tension you could feel in your shoulders and your, your forehead and your jaw. So notice that’s N.

The A in S.N.A.P stands for ask. Ask an empowering question.

Is this thinking, serving my greater good is this story I’m telling myself really leading to me being happy? How is this a good thing? What can I learn from this? What can I learn from this? Is this helping me to be happy and healthy?

And, and then a really powerful, empowering question is What is the most compassionate way I could respond to this? What is the most compassionate response I can have to this, this story that is upsetting me, causing me to be anxious?

How can I be compassionate of this person? Understanding of what they’re going through that see, it’s not about me. It’s really about them. In most cases, what people are going through, people are oblivious.

They don’t even think about us. They’re thinking about their own pain. And so we try to then not to take it personally, but to understand this is a person or these are the group of people that are in pain and to try and have some understanding and say, well, how can I be a compassionate human being in this situation?

And these questions, these empowering questions, these compassionate and. loving questions will take us out of the anxiety out of the anxiety and the fear and the fight or flight and into a higher part of our brain, a higher vibration of love.

So then the final letter of S.N.A.P is P and P is practice gratitude.

Take a moment and think of something you’re grateful for. You may be really upset and worried. Hopefully less so after you’ve gone through the first several letters of snap.

So then just ask yourself, okay, What am I grateful for? I’m grateful I have a chair I’m sitting in while I’m feeling this way, and I’m upset. I’m grateful I have hopefully a roof over my head while I’m this upset and worried and, and, and fearful or whatever is going on in your life. I’m grateful that I have family here to help me. I’m grateful I have food to eat today. I’m grateful I have a bed to sleep in. I’m grateful for life that I could find my way through this situation.

I am so grateful that I could breathe. Whatever it is find something to feel grateful for. It is a powerful, it is another P it is the powerful practice of gratitude that helps us to become healthier and happier and a more loving, powerful human beings able to withstand life’s difficulties into a much greater degree than people who do not practice or when we do not practice gratitude.

So to run through them again, SNAP S see the stories you’re telling yourself, what is the story? Listen to it, look at it. See the story you’re telling yourself that’s upsetting you. Okay.

N notice how your body is, notice your feelings, notice your breathing, notice how your body is holding this energy, and then allow it to relax.

See yourself and breathe yourself relaxing.

A ask empowering questions. Ask how is this helping me to move me towards my goals? How is this story helping me today to be a more loving, healthy person? What can I learn from this? And what is my most compassionate response to this thing I’m feeling, this story I’m hearing ,this situation going on in my life and these empowering questions help to elevate our energy, take us out of a cycle of fear and fight or flight.

And then P practice gratitude. I am grateful for you. My friend, for being here, part of Joe Segal’s Inner Circle. Practice gratitude, practice, being grateful of people, appreciating them and grateful for people and letting them know that you appreciate them, that you’re grateful for them and practice expressing your gratitude to people saying thank you when people help you.

When people give you a suggestion or even a critique as hard as they may be to accept criticism and say, thank you for caring about me enough to share your views on how I can improve. I know it’s hard. That’s why it takes practice, practice gratitude.

Okay. So S.N.A.P is a really powerful tool to wake up, to elevate our vibration and to gain more power in our life, empower ourselves to create the life we want to create to snap out of the hypnotic fight or flight that we’re constantly in through social media and the news and our habitual thinking from when we were children about our place in the world and what we’re worthy of and not where the oven life we can snap out of it. But first we have to S see and notice the stories and then A ask empowering loving questions.

See the stories. Notice our feelings, ask empowering questions. And practice gratitude. That’s SNAP. That’s a S N A P. That’s that? Okay. I got through it. I hope you get some value out of it. And we’ll try this and write it down and use it today. Use it, and let me know how it’s working for you and how you’re going through the steps of seeing our stories, noticing your body asking empowering questions and practicing gratitude.

Thank you for enjoying the Inner Circle this particular lesson, move on to the next lesson. When you have a time and feel like you need it and want it to be part of your life and we will grow and be happy and healthy together. Thank you.