How to create a rewarding life of true prosperity!

How to release the blocks holding you back from living your fully realized dream life!

by Joe Segal

A Vibrational Mismatch will create roadblocks to your dreams becoming real for you and holistic meaningful prosperity. This is because we live in a vibrational world.  Einstein and Tesla wrote about it as frequency. Sages and prophets have written about it for thousands of years.

We all want our life to match our desires, and we become unhappy when it doesn’t! We think, life isn’t doing what we want it to do! Politicians are not doing what they should do! Bosses are not doing what they should do. Our loved ones are not doing what they should do. Their actions and the world doesn’t match our expectations so we become unhappy and upset. And we feel like if only they did what they should do we could be happy!

Trying to become happy by changing other people is like trying to brush our hair by brushing the reflection we see in the mirror.

When we place our happiness and fortunes outside of the Source energy that flows through us from the oneness of everything, Because it separates us when reality is separation is an illusion that creates disharmony.

When we do that we fail to be “resourceful” which really means we forget to return to the source to fill ourselves with it, with love! When we are resourceful we are full of the source! And the source is love.

It is our connection to one another through an abiding sense of love, kindness and compassion that opens us to true abundance and prosperity in every way that is meaningful.

It is our connection to one another and all life in an abiding sense of love and compassion that opens our minds and hearts to our intuition which will guide us to make better, wiser choices to lead to better outcomes.

And this starts with loving ourselves, with trusting ourselves and with listening to our intuitive knowing voice.

The more we open our consciousness to our intuitive voice and guidance the more steps we take on our true “path of heart” where we meet people who align with our purpose and energies, our tribe, and our partners.

We all have problems and sometimes very serious ones and what I’m writing here is not to say that everything is “our fault”. This article is not about blame or fault.

This article is about exploring the problem of our vibrations not matching what we want our life to be. This article is about being more loving, accepting, kind and forgiving to ourselves.

When we are forgiving, we are “for giving!”

And real abundance flows. It flows to us. It flows around us and it flows through us. Being fluid is the key. All streams flow to the ocean.

It is only when we are open channels of love, kindness, and compassion that we let the energy flow through us and ultimately expand.

Money and all forms of abundance are essential transfers of energy.

We do things and it benefits others and they give us signs of their value of who we are and what we share because they feel the loving energy in the ways we connect to them.

There are many forms of love. Romantic love of course we all know about this and if we are fortunate experience it in our lives. Familial love which binds us to our blood or chosen family. And there is what the Greeks referred to as Agape love which means unconditional love!

Agape Love is the love that is essentially the fabric of everything we know to be reality. It is the love that needs not justification, it simply is omnipresent.

As it turns out we have a great deal of influence and responsibility for our own happiness and wellbeing.



The more we fill our hearts and minds and lives with love and caring compassion, the more we connect to everyone and everything around us in healthier more positively energized ways that uplift us.

What I’m describing is the energy, spiritual or metaphysical equivalent of saying if you want to be a thin person you must eat and exercise accordingly and behave as someone who is thin and healthy behaves.

If our focus, our energies and vibrational output in life do not match the energetic frequency of the life we wish to live and create it will be like when we were kids and put magnets together and noticed how they can repel or attract. In this case we often act in ways that repel the life we desire most.

For example, if we seek abundance and prosperity, we cannot enjoy and create abundant prosperity if we are constantly complaining, worrying, regretting, or judging others because in doing so we are not recognizing everyone’s unlimited potential to grow, and thrive in their own time and way, and the actual beauty of their Soul Energy.

When we complain we narrow or constrict the size of the pipe or conduit through which creative manifestation energy flows into our life!

When we compliment people, thank them, encourage them and appreciate people and everything in our life we expand that size of the conduit of creative manifestation energy into our life!

Besides, yelling at people, criticizing them or mocking them in real life or online cannot cause them to conform to your way of seeing life.

I have been yelled at, mocked and criticized and not once did it cause me to do what the person wanted me to do. What it does is cause others who are unhappy, angry and resentful to gravitate to you.

It’s Not About You! I’ve come to learn that almost in all cases, whatever the person is upset over or thinks they think I am doing wrong is really almost entirely about whatever they are going through at that time in their life and has very little to do with me. So remembering this I tend to take less personally.

We cannot live in the current (the energetic flow) of prosperity and wellness if we engage in habitual complaining, regretting, resentment or comparison.

These behaviors attach and anchor us to scarcity and lack. These lower vibrational energies blocks prosperity and abundance and they keep us from being present in our life in the moment where we can make better healthier choices and create better outcomes.

Additionally, this is not the way of compassion and kindness to rage at the darkness we see in others rather than stoke the fires of light and love we find or by becoming a loving example that inspires others.

I’m a strong proponent of loving ourselves enough to be ourselves. We can’t enjoy and create abundant prosperity of mind body and soul if we buy into scarcity and smallness by choosing to play small in life.

If we choose not to engage with compassionate kindness, to be present in life, honest and vulnerable with others then we are not sharing the blessings of our unique life experiences and talents. This is the way of scarcity, and fear and it cuts us off from the flow of greatness and love.

This means when we begin to write the book or screenplay we always meant to write, play the instrument or record the inspiring TikTok video, or seek a new love partnership, or take a course to improve our lives we have chosen to open and increase the size of the pipe through which the prosperous Infinite Loving Universe flows to us and through us.

That doesn’t mean you are not okay if you’re an introvert. It means it’s best to honor our authentic truth, to honor and love yourself fully and keep your heart open.


Here is a list of things to practice letting go of and ways you can make progress doing so

We can’t have a high vibrational joyful abundant fulfilling life if we refuse to let go of the lower vibrational habits, and people in our lives who constantly judge others and complain.

Your life is too important to stay stuck in that! 

Looking for happiness and validation outside of you blocks the energy of prosperity happiness and success!

All the prosperity, validation, and things you seek outside of yourself are already inside of you because they flow out of your spiritual loving connection to the oneness of everything.  So the more you open your heart and mind to the love and guidance from your Higher Power / Source Energy through meditation, prayer, journaling, affirmations, compassion rituals, and loving actions in your life the more everything flows to you and is created for your highest good.

The IChing ancient book of the wisdom of the Tao  says, “The Tao does nothing and yet leaves nothing undone.”

We still need to do the work of our life, to take the steps, but we do not need to have our happiness attached to any outcomes or external factors. Better to be open to everything and attached to nothing. In this way, we are fluid and flexible and can flow with life.

Acceptance is incredibly powerful and helpful but can be very difficult. Ultimately it is an act of kindness and self-love!

It doesn’t mean we are okay with people behaving badly to us or to others or that we feel no pain when we suffer setbacks or tragedies.

But we can choose not to let ourselves be reinjured by these events by dwelling in regret or resentment and or beating ourselves up mentally and emotionally over them.

Allowing yourself to be yourself and give fully of yourself to the world around you opens the energy doors to manifest the great changes and abundance you seek.


Do not be stingy with the awesomeness of your being.

It’s time to be you 100% and not leave your music unsung, don’t leave your book unwritten! Live your life fully! Keep filling your heart with love and beaming it into the world!

This means when we begin to write the book or screenplay we always meant to write, play the instrument or record the inspiring TikTok video, or seek a new love partnership, we have chosen to open and increase the size of the pipe through which the prosperous Infinite Loving Universe flows.

You have a story to tell that can help wounded souls heal, and can inspire people who have been on or are now on a similar journey as yours.

Open yourself to the goodness of people and all life in this world, it is here for you and with you!


How to detach from energy-reducing lower vibrational people

Send love to them, silently in your mind and heart if you want to, then wish them well from the depth of your heart (compassion) energy and release any energetic bonds or attention you have with them!

That’s right. Don’t argue with them and don’t try to fix them. Everyone has to learn their own lessons in life including us.

Just bless them, wish them well in your heart, mind, and soul and get on with your life working your own path and building your own life!

Here is an affirmation or prayer you can use to help you energetically detach from the people who are keeping you stuck in lower vibrational quicksand, like grievance, regret, resentment, and judgment.

Put them in your mind’s eye and visualize yourself sending beaming hearts of love to them.

Affirmation/Prayer: “Thank you for the lessons you brought to me to help guide me from or to a better place in my life. I wish you well and the blessings of great love and I fully allow myself to release those lessons now.”

You can also say this as a follow up affirmation/prayer: “Infinite Loving Universe guide me to learn from love rather than fear now”.  

I learned this one from Gabrielle Bernstein whos is a beautiful enlightened soul and wonderful teacher.

Create A Protective Loving Circle

I like to visualize a sphere or bubble of shining beautiful opalescent luminescent loving energy around myself and all negativity coming to it from others bouncing back to them after first being transmuted to love, and any positive energy coming from others entering my circle and returning to the person 10’xs as strongly.

You can also release the negative cynical lower vibrational energies and hangers-on by creating a power circle of love, surrounding yourself with kind, supportive, creative people who are also on a path of heart, who are creators, and givers.

The best way to attract people of the highest caliber character and energy around you is to become one yourself. Be kind to others wherever you find them in your life, be supportive and encouraging, be totally present with them, and be patient.

This all takes practice so be patient and kind with yourself!   Start with signing up for this free course and I’ll be here to help you along the way!

Lots of Love,

Joe Segal


Why not add some more peace, progress and loving-kindness to your timeline and life?