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“Remember that every failure brings you one step closer to success; keep going, for the
 breakthrough is just around the corner.”

-Joseph Segal


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Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, it’s important to carve out moments of stillness and self-reflection. Consider the words of Hermann Hesse, a German novelist, and poet, who said, “Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time.” Let this reminder inspire you to explore the depths of your being and find solace in the journey within. Take time to sit in silence and give yourself some compassion and love. Do not fear failure, it is a part of your journey of learning and growth. You deserve it.

Wishing you peaceful moments of self-discovery.

Warm regards, Joe & Leonard Segal

Love is your birthright!
Joseph & Leonard Segal



It’s called the language of abundance…

Throughout this newsletter, I want to help you and all of us learn to speak to ourselves and engage with everyone in the spirit of Kindness and Compassion.

Here’s a new system for up-leveling your vibrations to create more positive things in your life. It’s pretty darn cool, and I hope you take a look for yourself. You deserve a great life.

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AND no matter what you do keep being kind, gentle, and compassionate to yourself and to others the best you can. I believe in you!~ Joe Segal

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“You are here for Love and Love is here for you!”

-Joseph Segal


What if more of us could focus on loving kindness and growing positivity in our world together instead of focusing on our differences and negativity online?

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Love is your birthright!
Joseph & Leonard Segal


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