You deserve to be happy, healthy and surrounded by love!

Do you value kindness?

I believe that you, and each of us, are here to learn to find then to express our unique gifts and beauty in the way we live our lives and be true to our purpose and calling. I like to call this “our path of heart”.

When you live from your authentic loving self, and come from service to others or something bigger than you, you create a healthy healing life and vibration that heals you and heals the world! That is the kindest thing we can do.

I am Joe Segal, author of three books about aligning our lives with inner peace and our hearts with a meaningful life.

I have committed my life & time spent online working to spreading kindness & compassion, and now I have built a learning & loving community that will help each other and learn through my new Joe Segal’s Inner Circle course & community.

It’s all about learning to create more inner peace and positive meaningful purposeful lives. Using tools like mindfulness, meditation, visualization, and journal writing among others, we will learn to overcome our self-limiting thoughts and empower ourselves to be healthy happy and prosperous.

We will learn to transmute and release some of our stuck energies from past traumas that often take up residence in our bodies & replacing self-limiting beliefs creating more positive forward motion through the power of self-compassion and radical kindness.

If you want to benefit from more positive interesting, inspirational & unique audios, videos, course lessons and downloads designed to add more positive progress and love to your life please join us!

I want you in our community with us.

Six Minutes Of Peace & Positive Connections Meditation

by Joe Segal

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My Latest Books For Inner Peace & Happiness.

Find more peace and create progress in your life.

Here are the three most recent books I’ve written to help us all find more inner peace during these very difficult and tragic times we are in today. It is my hope they will help us learn to choose good healthy thoughts and activities so we can become more resilient, able to bounce back from life’s difficulties.  Pick up a copy or two of one of my latest happiness journals or books today! 🙂

“Stay positive and radiate love around you as you manifest an abundant joyful life.”~ Joseph Segal



Prayers and Blessings for Compassion Journal
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Prayers and Blessings for Compassion Journal

Journaling helps you:

  • Relieve stress
  • Send powerful prayers to your dreams, family and friends
  • Access your intuition
  • Connect to more wisdom to help you in life.

In this journal, you’ll find daily prayers and blessings you can say or meditate on that will help you focus on gratitude, peace, and love. Amplify life’s blessings and radiate more love.


Buy a copy here:

The new Happiness Mindful Gratitude Journal

Each day you’ll have a special happiness checklist with ideas of activities you can choose to add more meaning and purpose to your life that warms your heart and helps you to really thrive, enjoy life!

This unique happiness journal guides you to use mindfulness the practice of being present with your feelings and thoughts, the proven power of gratitude and kindness to create an inner well of lasting happiness.


Buy a copy here:

Enjoy my new book Get Happier! Steps to enjoy a happier life!

Reading this book will give you
easy to read and inspiring daily steps anyone can take to cultivate a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

This book is the culmination of
over a year of research into what social scientists have found helps people feel better about their lives.

Read a few pages every day and journal or meditate about them. Better yet, take action & smile more.


I created these Journals and the Get Happier book
to share the best ideas and tools
I could find for increasing peace and compassion for you and everyone.


When we become peaceful warriors radiating love and kindness we create ripples of change in people’s lives, our communities, our nation and our world.

If we want a society & economy based on human rights and compassion then we must center ourselves in this energy and reality the best we can every day.

I’m sure when you start your own daily practice of writing in your journal or journals you’ll discover the many  benefits journaling and mindfulness have brought to millions of people around the world.

Whatever we give our focus and attention to expands in our lives and in the world we share.

Complaining, comparing and judging creates unhappiness and negativity that leads to people feeling hopeless and helpless just when we need people every person to work with us and build something better.

We need everyone to be healthy and feel they can make a difference because they can and you can!

This is a very powerful LOVE filled book &
I hope you buy and read it today! I did.” ~ Joe Segal

The author of this book Kylie Riordan is tapped into a powerful stream of love consciousness that is inspiring, uplifting and transformative. I am truly blessed beyond words to have found her and now you can share in that blessing by picking up your own copy of her book.

Are you searching for the kind of authentic happiness that makes your heart beam with joy? Have you felt a gentle nudge recently to listen to the call of your soul? Do you want to gain the sort of wisdom and insight that will help you have more clarity in life? Then this book is for you.

Kylie Riordan, author of When Soul Is Life, lovingly presents life-transforming soul wisdom that inspires you to live a life of authentic happiness in the here and now by using practical real-life virtues such as kindness and love. Are you brave enough to listen to the call of your soul?

Are you ready to enter into a sacred contract with love? Once you open this book and embrace the wisdom of your soul, there is no turning back. If you are courageous enough to take the first step, you can be sure that the final destination will be love. “When do you know you have obtained authentic happiness?” When soul is life!

Get your copy here!

Reduce negative thinking & be a happier person!

I created this powerful positivity reprogramming self-compassion self-care program to help myself and everyone counter the internal negative thinking and feelings by focusing our minds on our best qualities and feelings.

You will get:

  • A great new book I wrote to help us use affirmations,
  • A powerful affirmation video,
  • An audio program you’ll enjoy listening to,
  • Printed cards you can hold while you use them or post up anywhere you like!
  • Plus get lots of amazing bonuses!

With this program you will be able to:

  • Quiet your inner negative voice
  • Create an inner ally to encourage you
  • Have a more positive happy spirit
  • Release anxiety and stress

I love you so much and truly hope you’ll get this amazing program I created to share with you so we can create a happier healthier life and world together!
~Joe Segal


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