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joe segal love positivity website Begin to Release Some Of The Negativity & Anxiety You’re Carrying

joe segal love positivity website Amplify & Root Yourself In The Good Feelings Inside You!

joe segal love positivity websiteFace Difficulties With Greater Faith In Yourself & The Universe

joe segal love positivity websiteFeel A Little Better Than You Felt Before

joe segal love positivity website Elevate your vibrations in your life! (This is key!)

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The “News”, Social Media & Your Life’s Challnges are driving your anxiety levels through the roof and you’d like something sweet, a pallette cleanser to smoothe things over a bit for you.


You feel stuck & keep running into the same roadblocks with unfufilling work, troublesome relationships with peoplel, money and health issues, and you are 100% ready for something better.

What Do People Say About Me?

I’m the one who created these free audio messages so I thought you might want to see a little of what some people think about me mostly through what I share online every day. They mean a lot to me and so do you. I’m sharing all of this because I feel called to live in service & uplift our vibrations.

Thank you Joe for your positivity, kindness and support. Folded handsYellow heartTwo heartsJuJuBee Supports

Your soul has moved on from the duality and separation that most are still wrestling with. It is beautiful to see your thoughts and your feelings expressed here. Thank you for spreading your light and compassion for everyone still running the maze, trying to work the puzzle. ~Cynthia Burnette

Dear Sir: Thank you for your selfless work in encouraging and inspiring kindness and compassion amongst your fellows. Without these traits we are mere creatures of the edge, protecting only ourselves. I am proud to support you and your message of good will and kindness. ~ John Fusco

You are kind and you bring out the best in people. ~ Leslie SoCal

Sharing love and gratitude is the most important action we can take. I see you do this with regularity. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being you. Thank you for letting all that good stuff out into the world. We need you. ~ Charlotte

Thank you for being you. And your kind words. I love that you notice the love. And that you love in general. ~ Kylie Riordin

You are a bright spot, Joe. You walk the path of light and love in this dark time. You are a rare treasure.
~ MindOfMoira

Your deep sense of love for the world and your compassion is a sight to behold. Thanks Joe.
~ Cram Allevorc

Seeing your posts is a often a relief for me and a reminder not to let myself get carried away with the politics.~ Chris Hammer

And I appreciate you, Joe. You always have a positive perspective, something I lose when I am all balled up in anger. Nice to have someone like you to bring some light. ~ Petrichor Exulansis

You make a big difference here, Joe. You are always inspiring, kind, and loving — and that energy travels farther than we know!~ Danny Skyfeather

Thank you for all of your kindness joe! ~ Marge

You are a good guy! Kind, respectful, and decent.We need more, much more, like that, like you.Thank you, Joe. ~Nancy Weaver

You are so kind and affirming, my friend. Thank you for being alive. ~Jim Spivey

Thank YOU Joe for being an angel who keeps his wings neatly tucked away so as not to arouse jealousy What you do for people is amazing What you did for me… welp I passed that on to someone who, at the moment was herself in desperate need And on & on it goes my friend, on it goes. ~Ruth Johnston

Thank you, Joe! As it happens, I needed to hear those particular words at this moment. ~ Karma Tashi

You’re wonderful. I needed that. A lot. Thank you for being a light in a sea of darkness.~ Josie Moore

Thanks Joe_ your energy & wisdom are awesome… every time I run into you I feel lighter & more centered. I can’t emphasize the importance. Glowing star ~ Nadia Oak

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