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Life is Energy!

Face it, there’s much too much negativity and anxiety in life today!

It makes us and people around us angry and short tempered and sometimes ill mannered. Sometimes you may even snap at loved ones for silly insignificant things.

The constant flow of negativity we focus on, people arguing with each other, criticizing us and others, complaining about and judging everyone, this low vibrational energy makes stirs up everything bad inside of us and that is very bad for us.

It makes it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep and then we have no energy when
we wake up and need to get to work and live our lives.

The older we get the more we feel like life goes by really fast.
Life is too short for much worry and negative energy! Wouldn’t you agree?

You deserve better.

We need to Raise Our Vibes!

You are an expression of energy that vibrates, like when you
pluck a string on a violin or strike the key of a piano.

That is why it’s called the Universe!

Because life is a song, an orchestra of beautiful music and exquisite artistry and that most definitely includes you! 

It influences what you see
and how you see it!

It influences how we feel which influences what
we do and how we do it.

Your life, our lives are the results of the choices we have made and the ones we make and the actions we take.

You can choose to raise your vibe. You can choose to change your life in amazing ways!

Anais Nin wrote “We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”

Your energy influences who and what becomes attracted to you including the people, opportunities and experiences that flow and manifest in your life.

The energy you generate with your focus powers you in the much the same way energy powers cars and trains and planes.

It carries you forward in life!

Energy transports you to where you want to be!

So creating higher vibrational positive energy in your heart
and mind serves to supercharge your ability to create the life
you want and to take you where you want to go and to be!

These sound recordings I’ve created to share with you are designed to help you to raise your vibe, raise your vibration and
set a positive tone for the rest of your day or evening.

Listen to each one and say them with me. You’ll feel better.

Take long slow deep breaths and repeat them with me.

Allow a smile to come to your
face while you do.

Allow peaceful feelings to radiate around and within you.

It is time to cultivate a higher vibe and
your life will thrive!

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