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Look, my friend, these are very stressful times! We are all feeling more anxiety and that’s perfectly understandable given what is transpiring around us. You, me, all of us experience anxiety and worries and it can be a lot to manage. I get that.

Your feelings are normal and okay. Being a positive person isn’t about ignoring our feelings. It’s about how we choose our focus and what we learn, how we grow and what we do with our life. I find great value in constantly learning and sharing what I learn to help others. That’s why I love creating my new online course so much.

Let anxious feelings come and go without dwelling in them. Just notice them. Become aware of them. Comment to yourself about them. Then place your focus on your breathing and bam! You’re back in the here and now where you can shift your energy and focus where you choose to.

When you do this, it’s part of the practice of mindfulness, being present in life that is very liberating and empowering. This is something I introduce people to in my new course in compassionate mindfulness and creating a meaningful life.

It’s a practice that has personally helped me to manage my own anxiety arising from a life of past traumas and current challenges. Seriously, this has been one of the most helpful tools I’ve ever discovered for managing anxiety and stress.

It helps us to not get stuck in them, when we become the observer for a moment. You are not your feelings. You are not your thoughts. You are the thinker of thoughts.

Think of it this way. If your thoughts are the fish in the ocean, you are not the fish, you are the ocean.

You are not the things happening to you or things happening in front of you.  

One way to get into the present moment and out of anxiety producing circles of thought and emotion is to ask yourself empowering questions such as:

1.) How is this a good thing for me?
2) What can I learn from what’s happening here?
3) What is the most compassionate way for me to respond to this?

When you align your focus and feelings with compassion for yourself and others by learning some of the mindfulness and meditation tools I will share with you, the Infinitely Loving Universe will guide you to a higher vibe life! It does!

You will find yourself attracted to positive kind caring energy, people and experiences for more in your life and become more able to take inspired baby (small) purposeful steps through your fear to achieve your goals and feel better.

Everything changes. Things do improve. Things get better, then worse, then better and so on. It’s like sailing the ocean. Waves go up and down. We try to hold on, to set our sails to catch a good wind. We seek out good companions for our voyage and the voyage continues!  

I invite you to join my community at Joe Segal’s Inner Circle and experience our breakthrough online video course where you’ll learn to harness your intuitive powers and compassionate energy to shape, mold, and manifest the life you desire.

“By demonstrating to me that there were others of like mind and with similar values, Joe provides me with the opportunity to strengthen my core beliefs. I become stronger by planning how to exercise change within the framework of kindness.” Bobbi-Lee

I will help you reduce anxiety & be able to attract positive people and experiences with greater frequency through uplifting inspirational helpful videos and powerful downloadable worksheets. 

It is an Infinitely Loving Universe that has called you and I together in this moment to learn and grow and find new ways of walking our path of heart in the world!

Thank you!

Joseph Segal
Author & Public Speaker
Joe Segal’s Inner Circle


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