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Feelings are normal and okay. Let them come and go without dwelling in them. Notice them. Become aware of them. It helps us to not get stuck in them, when we become the observer for a moment. You are not your feelings. You are not your thoughts. You are the thinker of thoughts.

You are not the things happening to you or things happening in front of you.

Everything changes. Things do improve. Things get better, then worse, then better and so on. It’s like sailing the ocean. Waves go up and down. We try to hold on, to set our sails to catch a good wind. We seek out good companions for our voyage and the voyage continues!

We get knocked down and we find our way up again. Keep breathing. Keep taking small steps you choose to make little improvements, they add up and make a big difference!

Thank you!

Joseph Segal
Author & Public Speaker
Joe Segal’s Inner Circle


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