Listen to this and other messages and meditate on the meaning you draw from it.
Let it help you set a loving positive tone for your day or evening!
Use it as a journaling prompt to help you write in your daily journal.
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You really are awesome! So have faith! Your hard work is paying off!

Your deepest desires, your dreams and goals are all being realized in the field of infinite love and potentiality.  They are on the way into your life as you read this.

The more your raise your vibes and live from a place of appreciation and gratitude, the more you connect to people in a loving compassionate way, the more you surround yourself with images, sounds and smells that fill your heart with love, the faster these things activate the materialization of your happy healthy destiny! 

Miracles are here now. They always have been. It’s only our ability to see them that is ever in question. It could take the form of a smile from a “stranger” in passing, or a sincere compliment from someone you work for or with. It could be finding something you’ve been looking for. It could be meeting someone new. Be open to good things unfolding in your life.

Do whatever you do no matter how “little” the task with love, it is an essential ingredient in your miraculous future and a gift in your present.

Thank you!

Joseph Segal
Author & Public Speaker
Joe Segal’s Inner Circle


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