Prayer For Help And Healing


Dear God, Great Spirit, Gaia, Mother Earth, Spark of Divine Life,

I humbly in this moment with each letter I type and thought I have, with each breath I take and give, in gratitude for all the blessings before me I ask that you in your infinite power embrace my friends and family with love and light. I see your connection to me and all of us from the expanding universe to the smallest invisible particle and understand little but feel an awesome un-containable love and appreciation for it all. In this moment I assert and affirm my intention to be a vessel of your love and compassion to seek understanding and forgiveness and create something that heals with my time in this form on our beautiful blue Earth.

Infinite in the ones and zeros of the cosmic ocean and living cellular flesh of the living breathing world, I send with each breath and each character I type my love and desire for peace and healing to all of my friends, those who at this moment endure pain physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, those who struggle with fear or loneliness, those who lack in sustenance, those who carry regrets and injuries from their past that block feeling love and health in the present. I send this thought, prayer, invocation and digital aspiration out to the four directions. I ask for the blessings and help of all of our ancestors who have gone before us on whose shoulders we stand and whatever God or spirit of pure love my friends and community feel in their hearts. Let us all receive the help and healing we need at this moment so we can be a blessing to the world and carry that healing to others. I send this prayer in my deepest part of my being, in humility and ask that it be so! Amen.

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