It’s called the language of abundance…

Throughout this newsletter, I want to help you and all of us learn to speak to ourselves and engage with everyone in the spirit of Kindness and Compassion.

Here’s a new system for up-leveling your vibrations to create more positive things in your life. It’s pretty darn cool, and I hope you take a look for yourself. You deserve a great life.

Less than 1.2% of people know how to speak the words that make dreams come true.

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And no matter what you do keep being kind, gentle, and compassionate to yourself and to others the best you can. I believe in you!~ Joe Segal

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Here are some new self-compassion and life manifestation affirmations I created to share with you:

“I naturally and automatically radiate love, kindness, and confidence, I am a magnet for abundance, prosperity, and joy. “

Repeat this affirmation daily, envisioning yourself attracting the wealth, success, and happiness you desire. Feel the energy of abundance flowing effortlessly into your life. Trust in your ability to manifest your dreams and embrace the positivity that surrounds you.


“I love and accept myself, so every day I make healthy, loving choices. My health and vitality grow stronger, aligning with my inner well-being.”

Affirm your commitment to the vibrant health and well-being that you deserve. Imagine your body and mind becoming healthier and more resilient each day. Cultivate the belief that your inner vitality radiates outward, creating a strong foundation for you to enjoy life to the fullest.


“Together with the Infinitely Loving Universe, I am the creator of my reality. Abundance, love, and positivity freely circulate in my life,
and my needs are fully met.”

Remind yourself that you have the power to shape your reality. Affirm that your thoughts, emotions, and actions are aligned with love and positivity, allowing you to create a life filled with joy and fulfillment. Visualize yourself confidently navigating life’s journey, making choices that support your dreams.