Love Revolutionary Cards

I invite you to use this to access your inner wisdom and guidance from your subconscious and higher self.  Take several deep slow breaths and relax your mind and body.  Ask yourself "How can I unfold the best possible version of myself today?" or choose your own question. Choose any three cards. Then sit and focus on your breathing in silence a bit. Let your thoughts and feelings come and go and as they do gently notice them returning to focus on each new breath in and out.   When you feel ready write down any thoughts or feelings that came up and see how you can use them today to create more peace, love and compassion in your life to heal and help yourself and in so doing our world we share.

Choose three cards OR rather let them choose you! Do not reveal each one first then pick the ones you want. Let your subconscious higher-self pull you to the cards you need at this moment. Find the three you feel drawn to. No more no less. Try to move your hand over the screen and feel which cards have more heat on your finger tips or palm. Which you feel an inner pull towards.  There is no wrong choice.

And then consider how those three come together for you today to help you bring about your best possible version of you to heal, to grow to thrive.  Meditate on this trinity of messages coming together in some way for you.  Take action today based on them. Or simply let them be part of your day in the background of your thoughts, feelings and actions.  You have the answers. We are all connected and one, one with the eternal infinite creativity of life.  I love you! Thank you!