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Here’s your message today:


“Life life with so much love that you leave a trail of kindness behind you everywhere you go!”

“Regrets, I’ve had a few! But, then again, I did it my way!”

-Frank Sinatra

-Joseph Segal


Dear Friend,


Hello, and thank you again for being here to read our newsletter. We all live our lives the best we can, given what we know at the time. And, we’ve all looked back on our lives with regrets about choices we made or failed to make. As I’ve grown older, I sometimes feel emotional about my regrets, and that old, harsh, critical voice rears its head in my inner conversation. Now, I am a public school teacher, and I have always taught young people in my classes to practice kindness and show respect to their classmates, the teachers, their parents, and themselves.

So, I started thinking to myself that instead of beating myself up over my past regrets, maybe I could look at this moment in time and think about the choices I can make right now so that in the future I can think about the new opportunities I’ve capitalized on and feel better!

That’s my message to you, dear Friend, leave your regrets in the past and make this moment one that counts and builds a happy future for you to enjoy!

Look around and take thoughtful emotional risks so you can grow. Share a kind and sincere compliment with someone you meet today. You never know, you might make a great new friend or help someone through a tough time in their life! 🥰 👍You got this! Thank you!

Leonard Segal

27 Year Public Speaker & Educator

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“Jimi Hendrix said, “Everything starts from within.”

First of all, I totally get where you are with this money-stress stuff! Totally. It’s always something, a new bill, college loans, kids need help, aging parents! Am I right?

And it feels like we take two steps forward and one step back. This often happens because, while outside things do matter, what’s inside our own heads can matter even more! That’s why lottery winners often end up broke after a year of winning!

And overcoming our internal limiting beliefs about money and our worth is going to be super important to any of us, it’s my biggest obstacle to struggling with money.

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😮 Joe’s Moment Of Awe 😍
It’s important to be kind to ourselves and take time to enjoy the little moments that are meaningful to us. They make life beautiful and easier for us too. Find time to connect to people, to nature, and to your own heart my friend!


Walking by a tree, I spotted a curious hummingbird darting among the flowers, its wings a blur of motion. The sight never fails to spark a sense of fascination and admiration for these little wonders. I see them as signs of Blessings!


Look for opportunities to help others in life, to share a moment of kindness! Just be open to it. You can say, “God (or Universe) I’m here to serve Love & Kindness today!” and see what happens. You don’t have to feel like doing it all the time. Just be open to it, and the Universe will bring you people and animals and opportunities to be present, kind, and loving!

Trust your inner loving voice!

You got this! Remember, share this email with others!
I love you so much!!! ~ Joe Segal

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“You are here for Love and Love is here for you!”

-Joseph Segal


What if more of us could focus on loving kindness and growing positivity in our world together instead of focusing on our differences and negativity online?

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Love is your birthright!
Joseph & Leonard Segal

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