One of the most fulfilling experiences one can have is to help another person learn something useful to them. Make it a habit to teach others what you know and be on the look out for people you can help.  Happiness comes from having meaningful connections to our purpose in life and positive communities of people. Teaching others what we know and are passionate about is a great way to do this.

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Feelings of happiness often increase in our lives when we see that we’ve made a difference in someone else’s life, and teaching them something we’ve learned ourselves is very rewarding. What knowledge do you have that you can share with others today? Share your own story about your life’s challenges and how you have found ways to overcome them. Share tips and tricks for solving problems with friends, coworkers and family members.  Knowledge is meant to be shared!

There are plenty of great groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites that are full of people looking for help in just about every possible subject. Be a mentor! Be a contributor. Help others learn what you’re learning.  You can write a blog post or post on social media about a lesson you’ve learned. You can share a helpful article or tutorial in a Tweet. Or you can sit down with someone and help them learn to do something they’ve been struggling with.

Think of the times in your own life when someone was kind enough to teach you how to do something. Perhaps it was your father teaching you play catch or fix your car, or mother teaching you something about life that created a special memory that endured. You can help create special memories and meaningful moments in others lives too!

Here’s your action item. Make a list of what you know and excel at and can teach to others!

Write a list of at least three things you love doing and have knowledge in and write it down.  Don’t compare yourself to others. There will always be people with more knowledge or skill in everything and it serves no purpose to compare ourselves to them.  We are all on a journey of learning and discovery in life. Yours is unique and important.  Write down the things you love to do and know you do well.  For example;

1) I am a great reader and love reading books.

2) I am excellent at mathematics.

3) I enjoy and do a great job at organizing and dealing with clutter.

4) I’m can make really healthy smoothies that every enjoys.

5) I have expertise in financial literacy and investment strategies.

6) And add your own talents and abilities to your own list.

Whatever your talents are and skills are, write them down and take note of them.

Next make a list of the people you know in person and on your Social Media networks who you think might enjoy learning more about what you know and do well.  Reach out them and ask them  how you can be helpful and supportive. Offer to mentor them in your area of interest and expertise for free.

You’re doing great! Seriously, you are. Every day add a new focus and take a new action to build a healthier habit to create happiness and success. Your tomorrows are built on the choices and habits you create today!