So very much of our happiness and fulfilment is tied to the energy we bring to our day each day and to our life.

We don’t get what we want to manifest, we get who we are.

The universe matches our energy!

This course shares the way you can tap into deep reserves of love
in yourself and bring that energy to whatever you do
experiencing the transformative power of kindness & compassion so you can make real progress in your life. 

If you want to live a life of abundance and greatness, whatever that means to you, then share your greatness abundantly with the world. And this happens in tiny loving baby steps!

The Secret. The way to manifest what you desire is to become the highest vibration of love you can in life. Be kind and caring to yourself and others, be helpful in your own way with those you encounter, and feel and express appreciation of the good you see, it will grow!

This is what you’ll learn and cultivate by using your Happiness Checklist Worksheet download every day and adding new ways of consciously, mindfully focusing on gratitude, appreciation & kindness.

Please, if you have not yet downloaded and printed this page out do so now.

It will help you create a healthy happy great life!

If you want to experience loving and kind relationships then be open to connecting to everyone out of love and kindness every day.

Setting the intention to be open to being kind and caring is very powerful.



Be Present. Simply being present with people, putting your phone in your pocket or purse and really listening to them makes a huge difference. It is the connections we make with life around us that help us to raise our vibes and tap into the power of a high-vibe love powered life.

Keep taking deep breathes to pause what you’re caught up in be it your repetitive worries or anything else. B R E A T H E!

Notice people or things or feelings you can appreciate. Be on the lookout for the collateral beauty in the course of fighting your daily battles in life!



Be Single Minded. Remember, studies show “multitasking” is a myth. We can’t do more than one thing at a time well and the more we jump from thing to thing the less we actually get done! So this course will share ways of living in the present, mindfully enabling us to more fully live our lives.

This doesn’t  mean we never get upset or experience “negative” feelings and relationships. But, it means that we create habits of installing gratitude & compassion & kindness in our daily lives and gradually learn to live in the flow of creative loving existence that helps us work through these feelings.

For example find two people everyday to offer sincere thanks to and sincere compliments. This reminds you to keep your focus centered on compassion and appreciation.

Here is a card I’ve created and had printed up so I can offer sincere thanks and compliments when I go out in town to eat or shopping or to run errands.

Instead of scrolling my phone I connect with people in positive ways and it helps my mind and spirit to have more peace, it opens my “human wi-fi” so I can tune into life’s blessings!

Radiate Your Vision. And then as you do this more in your life you will find that you will enjoy what you are doing and who you are with more and more. Do whatever you are inspired by that brings you closer to the vision of your healthier abundant good life!

You will attract people who share your mission and values and vision for the life you want to create because you will radiate and resonate that energy.

I want you to come to know this course as a guide to processes you can experience and use to create continual positive progress you feel good about in your life.

Creating your amazing life is possible!


You Don’t Have Be Stuck In Anything You Don’t Like Anymore!
Not Stress, Not Worry Or Doubt Or Anxiety Or Regrets!

When you center your awareness around being present in the here and now with some of the tools and techniques you will learn in this course, and living through deep kindness for yourself and others, amazing positive progress appears.

Your focus on escaping or moving away from what you don’t like and want will have less power over you.

You will feel less need to spend your precious time complaining about others or comparing yourself to anyone, and you will naturally invest your life’s precious hours and days in living a loving life!

When you use the daily worksheet guide and start adding these powerful mind-shifting activities your life will begin to change.

You will stop struggling against what you don’t want and will find yourself naturally moving, and flowing towards your vision of your happy loving abundant meaningful life because you will feel pulled forward by it!

We are about to share with you some very powerful and effective processes, systems, and tools to help you experience growing your happiness and manifesting the life you desire each day of your life. 

Being happy more often in life is about how we respond to and interpret what happens to us than it is about the events that happen to us every day.

Notice I wrote “respond” and not react? The first requires being fully present and mindful in life, and the second is what most of us do every day without thinking.


  1. Tap into your inner compassionate voice and anchor your life to it.
  2. Learning to use mindfulness, gratitude & meditation to achieve happiness and success.
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety day by day moment by moment.
  4. Create happiness habits/rituals that wake you up on the right side of the bed.
  5. See and engage your life and purpose with more clarity.
  6. Reprogram your subconscious habits to anchor you to compassion & your happiness.
  7. Learn to become more aware of & use your intuition.
  8. Focus your energy & determination into cultivating your vision of your fulfilling life.
  9. Change the way you see things and see your life change as a result.

You are at the center of the circle of your abundant creative life.
Creative, kind, compassionate loving and lovable you!