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Welcome to
Joe Segal’s Inner Circle:

A Powerful New Course In Creating A Great New Life!

This is the Secret Sauce for your New Great Life:

radiate Kindness

practice Gratitude 

live with Mindfulness

cultivate Empathy &

connect with Compassion

The course lessons and worksheet downloads and other materials in your membership are designed to help you learn to do all of this more in your life so you can manifest, so you can create the great new life you’ve always dreamed of one day and one moment at a time.

This is your time to 🌟 shine! 🌟

The Infinite Loving Universe is calling you to create the positive progress you have always wanted in your life! You are here for a reason. You matter!

I wrote this course to help you tap into your personal power to create a great life you love.

Your power to create your life comes from an Infinite Source of Love and kindness and it is flowing to you and around you right now. You can learn to step into that stream of positive energy!

If you put your hand on your heart, close your eyes and take a deep breath you will feel it!

It starts with you because you cared enough about yourself to take a course such as this.

That is the power of love and kindness and it will help you move your life in the direction of your dreams and goals. You will learn to practice rituals which serve as reminders to see life and engage with everyone through the eyes of loving kindness. This will help you tune into a positive energy force that will give you more resilience in difficult times. The exercises in this course will help you achieve more and appreciate more of what you experience in your life.

This course is here to help you access a state of flow, feeling energized and empowered so you so you can connect to your unlimited power to create good and live well!

My name is Joe Segal and I created this course because this world needs you and me and all of us who feel drawn to spread more light and love in the world to really shine brightly and live fully!

The worksheet below has been carefully designed to help you add the Secret Sauce energy to your life to help you tune into the Infinite Loving Universe and God/Goddess energy so you can radiate more love everywhere you go and create a Great New Life!

It’s fun to use and you can find ways to make it better as you go.

Taking this course will help you manifest the life you desire every day!

1) Watch the videos and take notes. Think about what you an add to your life and day!

2) Download the course worksheet on this page!
Print out multiple copies to use throughout the week and please do at least one thing on the worksheet immediately.

3) Take notes on your phone or however you can!

4) (Important!!!) Apply one thing from what you learn here every day in your life!
You can read a million self-help books, listen to great podcasts, or watch thousands of inspiring youtube videos, but if you don’t take action your life will not improve.

You got this! I know you can do it!

Thank You!

Read More Here About The Course Philosophy

Welcome to the Inner Circle course!

By centering expressions of kindness, compassion and gratitude in our daily life we can begin to live more of the purposeful meaningful & rewarding life, “our path of heart,” regardless of our challenges.”

These lessons are designed to share ideas and tools to help you learn to align your thoughts and feelings with empowering positive energy that propels you forward towards your greatest goals and helps you become more resilient to some of the negativity that is swirling around us all every day.

In this time of so much isolation and separation, it is more important than ever to create meaningful connections with other people and to the good energy, we want our life and world to be about.

In this course and membership I want to help you create routines & rituals that help you align with compassion and radiate kindness from the inside out.

It is this mindfulness practice that wakes us up from the past regrets & resentments or future worries into the beautiful peace and power that flows to us in the present here and now moment.

Here’s what I invite you and all of us to do:
Stand in your truth, walk through your fear, and manifest the wonderful life that is here!

How? We do this by connecting with passion and to compassion & love while appreciating and uplifting our lives with daily simple yet profoundly powerful rituals and ideas.

We become generous with the love inside us. Generous to ourselves and to others and in coming from service to others & our world we heal ourselves & grow our personal power.

That is what this course will help us explore in a variety of ways. I have faith you will enjoy the journey.

Thank you! Please download the below worksheet now.
Joe Segal

If’ you’ve watched the video please download the worksheet pdf and print out both pages every day. They will help guide you on this journey! Then click the Next Lesson button at the bottom of this page to continue!


This worksheet is designed to help you feel better and better every day!

If you use this worksheet every day for 7, 14 or 21 days your life will improve.

Using this daily journal worksheet tool will provide daily guidance in activities that will shift your awareness out of being trapped in self-limiting belief patterns that hold you back and will level up your vibrations so you create a high vibe healthier more fulfilling life!

They may seem simple and like common sense but when you add them consistently together your energy will change your life.

This will give you activities to do every day during this course to help you break out of cycles of self-limiting thinking and beliefs and raise your energy vibrations. Activities that help you feel better and live better.

If you’re resisting doing this that is a great hint that you Should do it! Visualize/imagine yourself doing it, clicking the button below and downloading the worksheet, printing it out and writing on it today!




Print it out right away and do one thing you see on it. Live your life with heart and joy and positive energy!

One baby step with heart can change everything!

This worksheet by itself could be an entire course and workshop worth thousands of dollars in value!


If’ you’ve watched the video please download the worksheet pdf and print at least 7 copies (one week) of both pages so you can use it every day. They will help guide you on this journey!

Then click the Next Lesson button at the bottom of this page to continue!

Please download and print out the below worksheet now.

“Take inspired baby steps to walk your path of heart today!” ~Joe Segal


The Five Pillars Of This Course: An Overview


Be kind and caring to yourself and others
, practice seeing yourself and others through loving eyes. I will introduce you to the use of ritual, meaningful heartfelt daily actions, that will help you change your mindset and anchor you or root you in the powerful energies you need to transform yourself and your life.

For example this course will show you how to practice finding two people everyday to offer sincere thanks to, and sincere compliments to. This habit will help you to keep your focus rooted in compassion and appreciation.

Here is a card I’ve created and had printed up so I can offer sincere thanks and compliments when I go out in town to eat or shopping or to run errands. 99% of the time people respond by saying that I just made their whole day! And this creates ripples of profound kindness and elevates our vibrations. The more you reach out to people out of kindness and express gratitude, the more greatness will shine through you and come to you! 

Creating a habit of caring about others success and happiness and seeing the good inside them no matter how well their current pain and problems might hide it from the world, and this will empower you to attract the help, the allies and the opportunities you need in your life. It is a knowing you are one with everything in the world connected by the power and presence of love.

Some people experience this profound sense of oneness when they fall in love, or when they see their baby in their arms for the very first time. Other’s experience it on a mountain top or even during a near death experience they emerge from! 

Others are lucky enough to encounter this sense of profound loving oneness through ceremonial rituals and consciousness expanding experiences. Whatever the source of it, when people experience this it often changes who they are forever!

In the compassion ritual video lesson I share in the next pages you’ll see how you can direct your life energy to link compassionately with all life everywhere. This daily exercise strengthens your Human Wi-Fi connection to life and people and helps you tune into and attract the greatness you want to experience.

Shifting your focus from lack, scarcity, resentment or judgment to a focus of omnipresent gratitude for your life lessons, and the magnificent beautiful world around you will give you access to greater peace and increasing and holistic prosperity.


Being present and aware or “mindful” means you live fully in the here and now of your life. That means  you are not constantly going over your regrets in your mind or making up stories about your worries either.

When you are mindful, your feelings of connection to everyone and everything will give you access to the wisdom of your intuition, and how you can make better choices in life that create positive momentum for you.

Empathy the ability to feel what others are experiencing and it flows out of the above abilities and practices. When we practice kindness, compassion and gratitude we become more in tune with people around us and less prone to take things personally. We learn to hit pause before we assume things and judge others based on what we think they are thinking. It takes time and practice like everything else.

This is what you’ll learn and cultivate by using your Happiness Checklist Worksheet download every day and adding new ways of consciously, mindfully focusing on gratitude, appreciation & kindness.

Setting the intention to be open to being kind and caring is very powerful.

When you make compassion & kindness your compass in life & create habits that amplify this energy you will attract people who share your mission and values and vision for the life you want to create because you will radiate and resonate that energy.

And then as you do this more in your life you will find that you will enjoy what you are doing and who you are with more and more.

As you take these lessons pay attention to what inspires you and see that as a clue to add that idea or practice to your daily life. Let what fires your soul pull you forward in your life.

Whatever you are inspired by, that brings you closer to the vision of your healthier abundant good life, add some more of that to your daily routine!

I want you to come to know this course as a guide to processes you can experience and use to create continual positive progress you feel good about in your life.


  1. Tap into your inner compassionate voice and anchor your life to it giving you peace and strength to move beyond your fear and enjoy the life you deeply desire.
  2. Learning to use mindfulness, gratitude & meditation to achieve greater happiness and success.
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety day by day moment by moment.
  4. Create happiness habits/rituals that wake you up on the right side of the bed.
  5. See and engage your life and purpose with more clarity and confidence!
  6. Reprogram your subconscious habits to anchor you to compassion & your happiness.
  7. Learn to become more aware of & use your intuition so you can make better choices..
  8. Focus your energy & determination into cultivating your vision of your fulfilling life.
  9. Change the way you see things and see your life change as a result.

You are at the center of the circle of your abundant creative life.
Creative, kind, compassionate loving and lovable you!