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Positive Loving Kindness Blog

Here are some videos and articles about tools, tips
and techniques for reducing anxiety and
creating positive loving kindness in our lives.

You are stronger than you realize!

365 DAYS OF POSITIVITY Created and edited by Joe Segal & Leonard Segal Here's your message today: "You are stronger than you realize; keep pushing forward, and you'll amaze yourself with what you can achieve." -Joseph Segal Dear Friend, In the midst of life's ups...

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How To Create More Happiness With Mindful Kindness

How To Create More Happiness With Mindful Kindness

Mindful Kindness For Happiness! By Joseph Segal   This choice of how we live in the energy of kindness & compassion requires us to learn to be mindful, meaning to live in the present here and now, and not dwell on past regrets or grievances, or in future...

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Organize your happy life

Organize your happy life

GOAL SETTING TO GOAL ACHIEVING by Joseph Segal   "TODAY I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOALS OR SOMETHING EVEN BETTER!" #Affirmation If you want to achieve your goals in life you have to know what they are and write them down.A great way to remember this is; Ink it, don't...

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Happiness Affirmations

Happiness Affirmations

It's Like Having An Affirmation Life Coach Hi, I'm Joe Segal. And I created something I want to share with you. I created it to help all of us find more peace and kindness and compassion matches with each other, but with ourselves. I created a skill for the Echo Dot...

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Latest Podcast Updates

Updates from my Inner Peace Podcast where I share meditations and helpful discussions about creating more inner peace and personal transformation.

Ask What Questions

Asking why questions lead to unhappy miserable emotional states. Asking what questions is empowering! Visit for more. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Be A Wise Investor

In this episode, I discuss how to reframe how we invest in ways that harness our most precious capital. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Shields Up! How not to blow up!

This episode features a realization I had about how to be in difficult conversations and situations without getting terribly upset in ways that push you off-center and cause you a lot of pain in life. I hope you find some of it useful and interesting. If you do,...

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Creating Good Fortune & Better Feelings

Ever find yourself asking WHY is this always happening to me? Or, why can't I get a break? Or, why don't things just work? I have! Then I had a sudden realization of what was going on and what to do about it. The following is a recorded message I created today to...

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Positive Loving Kindness

Positivity and loving kindness not only have the power to transform our lives and our world but it is what makes life worth living!

Sometimes wherever we look online or on TV we find negativity creating more fear, sorrow and division. This is a difficult time of transformation and transition in our world.

The good news is that things are changing. Change always feels stressful and almost always includes some kind of pain and sacrifice. It includes sacrifice because to get to the new we must let go of the old that no longer serves us and that can be very difficult both for individuals like you and me and for a society.

So one way each one of us, and all of us together get through this time of stress, anxiety and change, is to focus on and amplify positive loving kindness!

That is what I am doing with my creative efforts and online presence and I hope you will join me because I need you, we all need you! Thank you for being here.


A Sample Meditation From My Inner Circle Membership

by Joseph Segal

Positive Tweets

Happiness Journals


Loving Kindness Advocate

Creating Positive Loving Kindness

A powerful free Voice activated tool to help you create a new voice inside that is like your inner ally and builds positive loving kindness inside you and attracts it around you!

Prayers and Blessings for Compassion Journal

This journal has page after page of unique uplifting inspiring prayers for compassion and positive loving kindness. It also includes places to draw pictures and list names of people, goals and others we want to send blessings and love to. You will love using this journal!

Why you’ll love this Prayers & Blessings For Compassion Journal!

I wrote this journal book of non-denominational prayers about compassion to help you tune into and tap into this profound type of positive loving kindness in your life.

The Dalai Lama said if you want to be happy practice compassion. If you want to make others happy, practice compassion. Compassion in my experience comes from extending our awareness to others in a loving non-judgmental way and honoring our connection to them and everything everywhere.

The word itself “Come-Passion” is an invitation or invocation of passion. Not just any passion but a passion rooted in what the Greeks referred to and Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr wrote about as AGAPE love. That is a love that is non-dependent on what people deserve or earn. It emanates from what I believe to be our Higher Power, from the Sacred.