“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!” Wayne Dyer

This is one of the longest lessons in the course, perhaps because I think it’s the most useful and important lesson I’m sharing with you. You can read a bit now and more later. Watch the videos. Log back in and reread it again. I hope it helps you create a more abundantly joyful good life!



TO GET THE MOST VALUE/TAKE NOTES: Please grab your phone note recorder or a notepad and take notes on this lesson. It’s important that you take action and taking notes will help you learn and grow more than just watching videos or reading.

What if you could amplify the amazingly powerful energy of love and kindness by purposely tapping into it and radiating it with your life, and by doing this you attracted the high caliber people and experiences and opportunities you desire the most in your life?



What if you could tap into the wisdom and creativity, the love and heightened awareness of the wisest most loving people who have ever lived on this planet simply by orienting your life with a compass of compassion?

What if you could tune in and align with the wisdom of people like the Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Di Vinci and others?

It is possible! When you learn to harness the power of mindfulness (being present in life) and kindness (compassion).



Open Your Heart & Mind To Allow Yourself To Let Go: Once you constantly wake yourself out the your habitual reactions to stress by asking yourself empowering questions you can reprogram your subconscious mind for greater success!

You must learn to let go of and stop dwelling in fear, resentment, regret or judgement because these are heavy vibrations to carry in life!

I am not saying there are “bad feelings” or “bad thoughts” and to avoid or repress anything. Instead the goal is to be aware of all thoughts and feelings without being stuck in or dwelling in them so we can be fluid like water and move like a ship on the oceans currents to explore a great life!

It takes time and practice but you can do it! Learn to let this go so your hands (metaphorically speaking) are free to attract what you love!



Your “monkey mind” is what Buddhist monks describe as the part of us that is constantly chattering away in our mind as we live our life filling us with doubt and distracting us from real life.

This empowering question practice will help you change the channel from your “Monkey Mind” inside fear based chattering.

When you notice yourself becoming upset and or afraid ask yourself these questions:

How is this possibly good for me?

What can I learn from this?

What is the most compassionate response I can make to this?


Place your attention on your breathing in and out with deep breathes and this will get you into the present moment so you can let go of high anxiety, anger, resentment and or worry. This doesn’t mean you always have to be nice and feel good all the time or to ignore your feelings. But you can learn not to dwell in these emotions.

It is amazing how taking mindful deep breaths will help you let go of anxiety and connect to and attract what matters to you most and to be able to really connect with people in amazing ways.

You can use focused deep breathing to move out of anxiety and other heavy vibrational emotions.

The calm you gain from focusing on your breathing brings you into the present moment of your life so you can notice the good around you and inside of you, notice and appreciate the good! This is what I call “Mindful Appreciation”.

Continuously working to let go of fear, regrets, and resentments all of which really live in the past and keep us from living fully in the present helps you to be less vulnerable to whatever fear and ego-based stuff comes at us in life and allows us to be kind to ourselves and others.  

I’ve found this affirmation helps me let go of anger, resentment or regrets and get back to the here and now of my life:

“I love myself enough to let this go!”

“I love myself enough to let this go!”

“I love myself enough to let this go!”

This way of seeing and living your life will carry you forward just as if you are caught in a strong serendipitous (flow of good fortune) current, all the way to your deeply desired life!

This happens in ways that seem miraculous. You will often experience awesome coincidences and become more aware them in your life. It will also attract people of the highest caliber into your life to help you achieve your life’s goals.

You can also remind yourself of why you are here in life, to live and love. Take a long slow deep breath feeling your chest and abdomen expand. Now place a hand on your heart as you do this. Do it again now.

I recommend this mantra/affirmation:

“I am here for love, love is here for me!”
“I am here for love, love is here for me!”
“I am here for love, love is here for me!”

Your new life starts with a choice to live your life fully and compassionately. 




Once you learn to regularly and habitually first notice and then let go of the fear and anxiety that comes up in your life you will be free to carry the miraculous power of love to guide you and carry you forward to the life you want.

You will have freedom to make good choices creating good causes experiencing good effects! You will find yourself noticing the beauty in life around you including in everyday people you might otherwise have ignored while scrolling your phone or wondering about your todo list.

And it is those moments of noticing the beauty in the wind rustling the leaves of a tree or a bird flying overhead or a mother playing with her child, those “little” everyday moments where you will connect to who you really are and the infinite love all around you.

I have created “Happy Cards” little kindness/thank you cards I carry with me and give out to people I see  in town like people working where I shop or eat for example. But you can simple connect with people and offer sincere compliments and gratitude to them.

You might say; “Thank you, that’s the most awesome sandwich anyone ever made for me!” or “What a beautiful little dog you have walking with you today!” for example.

It is the “little things” in life that add up to make the biggest difference!

The idea I want to share is a practice of getting mindful, into the present moment so you can look for things and people to appreciate.

What you appreciate, appreciates! It expands and grows in your life!

Do you want more prosperity? Appreciate the beauty you have and see around you now!

Do you want better relationships? Appreciate the relationships and people you have today!

Do you want better health? Appreciate every breath and step you take and each bite of nutritious food you have today!

Decide to slow yourself down enough to be present so you can connect to life.
This means keeping your phone in your pocket more often and being present with people and nature around you instead of scrolling!

Being present with people is a profound act of mindful kindness!

Decide to be more aware of people you are with, listen to what they are saying without thinking of a response or way to fix them.

Notice where you are, notice things you may have seen every day but ignored. See the light shining on the leaves on the tree outside your window. Notice the happy couple walking together.

When you do this, when you connect to life in the present moment from a place of curiosity and appreciation this shift in your lifeforce energy will help you, heal you, and guide you to where you want to be and where you are meant to be!

You are not here merely to survive. Not here to just pay bills and check off your todo list.

You are not a human doing, you are a human being.

You are a unique voice in the world!

You are important..

You are a beautiful human being.

You make this a better world!

Please watch this talk about the power of mindfulness and kindness when combined!

This lesson is here to help us learn how to build a practice of mindful kindness. Remember mindfulness is the practice of living life with more awareness so we can make good choices that lead to greater health and happiness.

What we practice and invest our attention on grows. Whatever we give our energy to expands. What we feed grows. What we want to encourage through the lessons here at Joe Segal’s Inner Circle is a healthier and kinder life for each of us so all of our lives work better and better every day.

As Shauna Shapiro shares in the above beautiful video, “perfection isn’t possible but transformation is”. We can transform our lives in beautiful ways by living it more mindfully enabling us to choose kindness and happiness as our focus.

When we are mindful we can take a moment before reacting to life and instead respond. We can ask ourselves what would the kind and compassionate response be for me now? When we do this we can choose to let go of anger, resentment, and other emotions like shame so we can life our lives more fully.

Shauna traveled abroad to a Monastery to learn Mindfulness meditation and shares her understanding of the value of learning to be fully present in each moment and let go of shame and judgement. Shame she explains, doesn’t work. When we feel shame the centers of the brain responsible for learning shuts down because hormones like Cortisol flood the brain diverting its resources to the fight or flight survival areas of the brain and away from other areas responsible for cognitive reasoning. Yet many of us spend lost time from our lives in judgement of ourselves beating ourselves up for not living up to and matching our expectations of what we  believe we should be.  This is very common and much of our self condemning thinking is done mindlessly from our subconscious automatic type of thinking. I myself experience this to this day but I’ve developed ways of addressing it that have really helped me. It’s okay to notice it, acknowledge it and let it go by choosing to place our attention on kindness.

Reminding us that “what we practice grows stronger”, she continues to explain that it’s not just that we pay attention but how we pay attention.  Do we pay attention with love and kindness towards ourselves and others? What type of awareness do we practice and therefore grow in our lives?

This is a core principle in this course and membership I’ve created to share with you and others. The energy we bring to life is the way we create our life, heal ourselves and help the world.

Mindfulness has now be studied by scientists around the world revealing a long list of physical, emotional and other benefits. Being mindful of kindness helps us to truly transform our lives in the way that helps build a healthier happier life.

Kindness Mindfulness is intentionally paying attention with kindness. Learning to be mindful of where we focus our attention as we have discussed in other lessons, gives us the ability to choose the course of our own life because our life moves in the direction of our focus. Now let’s add building a practice of “Kind Attention”.  

One simple exercise Shauna shares is to place one’s hand on one’s heart in the morning and say “good morning” to yourself. Then adding “Good morning, I love you” to yourself.  Feel your love for yourself and be kind from the inside out. It will grow! This really resonates as a good practice to me. Add this simple and powerful exercise to your Golden Hour happiness process we shared with you as well as to the practice of reading your “bottom line why” statement and list of your life goals.  You don’t have to include each of these in every day’s routine you can mix them up some days adding one and others another day. See what works best for you.

What we should have learned:

  • Mindfulness and meditation works to create greater health and happiness.
  • What we practice grows so lets practice kindness.
  • Focusing on both our attention and intention.
  • Being kind and loving to ourselves each morning.

In the next lesson we will learn how to S.N.A.P. out of the lower vibrational emotional states of energy and elevate our vibration so can live the life of love and freedom you deserve!