How to sleep better


During this year of this pandemic with it’s terribleness and anxiety, sleep has been a real challenge for me and to varying degrees it has for most people I know. Has sleep been difficult for you? Is it now and would you like to sleep better?

Just before we drift off to sleep our mind is functioning at a brain wave that is more open to our suggestions and ideas allowing them to reach the subconscious mind more effectively.  Listening to a guided meditation such as the one I have created and shared directly below on this page can help us not only get to sleep but find more restful sleep and even better dreams. Yes I’ve included a suggestion in the meditation that we are open to accessing more wisdom through our dreams. It’s been my experience my dreams are more positive and regularly are very meaningful to me. 

Love, Joe Segal.

Joseph Segal's Better Sleep Meditation

by Joseph Segal

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