Write something here to answer the question of the title like what is compassion or what is journaling or what is kindness etc etc and include a brief thought on how it can help the reader.


so popular with so many people today?

  • Describe a key benefit to people of (ADD KEYWORD OR PHRASE).
  • Describe a key benefit to people of (ADD KEYWORD OR PHRASE).
  • Describe a key benefit to people of (ADD KEYWORD OR PHRASE).

Write a couple lines about why the above key helpful points that will help the reader live a healthier happier life, live longer, make more money or have better relationships.

If you don’t do this then the consequences could be more of (some example of a bad problem) you’re experiencing!

Write a short paragraph about what problem the reader is trying to fix or avoid by journaling or using affirmations or being part of my positivity community at Patreon.com/JoeSegal like they will continue to have too much stress, and or unhappiness, lack of sleep, money problems, poor health, hopelessness, despair, etc. (Please pick one or two of the above and state the problem in your own words.)

What’s the benefit of (Keyword focus of article)?

Restate the bottom line benefit to the reader of doing more of what this video and blog is suggesting they do in a paragraph format.

(Conclude your post with this paragraph as written.)

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