Joseph Segal: Author, Creative Activist



Thank you for being here and reading this and therefore being part of the circle of my life. You and I may not agree on everything about economic and social justice and solutions to help bring about peace and freedom to the people, but I know you care very deeply about our shared goals and I am very grateful for your presence here and your desire to make things better.

Over the last thirty-seven years, I’ve been a student of indigenous people’s spiritual practices, a digital marketer, a prolific entrepreneur, a writer, a web developer, and a community activist. I wake up every day and express my gratitude to the Infinite Loving Universe for another day by praying, meditating and affirmations.

My passion is using my creativity and the holistic integration of Eastern and Western spiritual teachings to explore compassionate solutions that help improve the health and wellness of people and communities. I feel called to expand love and compassion in the world and if I can encourage people or inspire people, especially in such times of anxiety and despair then I feel even more deeply grateful for my life.

It is my profoundly deep love for the world we share and strong desire to see unnecessary suffering in it diminish that drives me to improve myself and share the tools and ideas I find for creating more peace and progress with others I find every day through my work and online social circles.  That is why I’ve authored three books so far and I hope you’ll find them to be helpful in your life.  

With all the incredible levels of stress, anxiety and despair people are experiencing today I have decided to focus on creating tools to help everyone find more peace in our lives and hopefully therefore create and share more peace in our world. The journals, books and other tools like my new Happy Dreams voice app have all be created for this purpose. I wish you peace. I wish you well.

The work I take on focuses on social entrepreneurship, my books, the happiness course I wrote, the Voice Apps I created, and my Affirmations & Incantations For Happiness program are all rooted in creating more social justice through self & shared compassion.

 I believe in the power of teams and solidarity among people to harness the greatest outcomes for the greater good, and that every individual is an expression of the Divine manifestation of love in the world.  

We are all here to discover and share our unique gifts in ways that help us and others around us grow as human beings and find harmony in our communities and world. Both my professional and personal focus is centered around the health and wellness of people, organizations, communities, and our world.