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This is the Secret Sauce for your New Great Life:




Empathy &


In the lessons presented in the life transformation course and using the worksheet I’ve designed and shared with you below, I will share ways that you can empower yourself to Walk Your Path Of Heart which means being true to the calling within your heart and manifest a great new life of greater balance, good health and joyful prosperity.

This does not mean life will be easy or without problems & setbacks.
It does mean honoring your unique & beautiful spirit and presence in this world!
It does mean that you will have more tools with which to navigate the troubled waters and pathways before you.
Are you ready for
A Great New Life?

5 way path to a great new life

If you have any questions about the course materials or your membership please write to me here.

Every week for 14 weeks you will be emailed a new unlocked worksheet and a unique lesson for you! When you use the Happiness Checklist & the focus of that week’s video you will create a powerful positive momentum to transform and improve your life.

BONUS LESSON: Add This Powerful Ritual

BONUS LESSON: Add This Powerful Ritual

BONUS LESSON! Before you go on to the rest of the course, Here is a special ritual/exercise you can add to your life. Set A Loving Tone Every Single Morning! Create a habit of this compassionate ritual to help you feel better and better every day! This ritual, what I...

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THE UNIVERSE BRINGS YOU THE ENERGY YOU BRING TO IT! But, a wise person once wrote "Do not wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it!"   If you want to increase the good health, happiness and success you experience read this and take action! It will help...

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CONGRATULATIONS!You have just completed the Core Lessons forJoe Segal's Inner Circle Course In Creating A Loving Great Life! Click here to download the pdf file of this certificate. You have just completed the 14 core lessons of this course! I highly recommend that...

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ONE MINUTE A DAY TO CREATE MORE HAPPINESS! And living the high vibe shining beautiful life you desire and are destined for!   In a previous lesson we introduced the powerful Six Phase Meditation optimized and shared by the educational leader and visionary Vishen...

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Welcome To A loving positive place
to be happy, healthy, and surrounded by love!

You and each of us are here to express our unique gifts and beauty in the way we live our lives and be true to our purpose and calling. Your life has meaning, you matter.

When you honor the love flowing to and through you to be you, then more aware, kind and conscious loving people and experiences will gravitate to you and appear around you!

Positive Prayer Inspirational Blessing When you live from your authentic loving and compassionate self and focus on the energy you want to bring to the world, you create a healthy healing life and vibration that heals yourself and the world!

That’s what I want this Inner Circle to be about, healing ourselves and the world through the power of conscious loving kindness.

I believe you will love being part of my Inner Circle community and experiencing exclusive healing videos, meditations and interactions with me and we can help one another do better day by day!

One of the most powerful benefits of being a member is the Radiating Happiness Course I spent over two years researching, writing and recording for you! Please go through the self paced course reading & watching a new lesson each day, download the worksheets and use them.

It will help you stay positive and create new ways of looking at life and living that are positive healthy and rewarding! Repetition helps too. Don’t be afraid to read & watch the same lessons several times. It will be very helpful for you to do so.



Please listen to this message I recorded for you.

Please watch each video lesson, download & print out the lesson worksheets if included in the lesson and take time to reflect on how all or even part of what you learn can help you find more meaning passion and purpose to live a life that radiates and manifest abundant kindness.