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The Universe brought you here for a reason. Trust that.
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Have you recently wondered? 

  • I’m angry and depressed. How can I stop repeatedly feeling upset about my past mistakes, or things people did or said to me?
  • I feel stuck! How can I change my life, increase my income, find the right life life partner or stop suffering with high anxiety and poor health?
  • I’m very sensitive to criticism, and life is just scary right now. What can I do about my frequent worry and anxiety?
  • I need a change now! How can I manifest what I need, get good luck on my side and live an amazing new life with people who get  me and add to my life?


Mindset + Repeated Action + Vibes!
That’s how you change everything.

I endured trauma, various forms of emotional and other abuse as a child & adolescent. It was pretty awful. So I set out to find healing, meaning and purpose. Back in the early 80s when I was studying with Native American shaman, an elder told me, Joe, your path will change lives. Your path will be simple, but it will not be easy! And it hasn’t been.

The work of transformation and progress for you and each of us is simple, the truths are well known by many. But, it is not easy. It takes effort. And it helps to have a coach, a guide, or teacher to encourage and inspire you.

You know this. If you really feel stuck in life, tired, anxious & unfulfilled, you’ll do what it takes to change. I know you will.

If these words resonate with you as true then register for the Inner Circle Course and manifest the life you desire!

Using the amazingly powerful personal development tools you’ll get in this course, you will instantly reduce anxiety and free yourself to be yourself and live a new story you write of a life without limits!

It’s time to elevate your life!

You will have access to an online (Facebook) community of learners to elevate our vibrations (emotional states) & energy, become fully present in life, and steadily create meaningful progress.

If you want  new results you need to take new actions.
Are you ready to allow real positive change into your life?
Start by registering for this course!  It won’t give you superpowers but it will help you discover your own.

Have you recently wondered?

  • How can I stop repeatedly feeling upset about my past mistakes, or things people did to me?
  • How can I finally make real progress on the things I feel I’m stuck on in my life?
  • What can I do about my frequent worry and anxiety about the same things?
  • I need a change now! How can I create better luck and live an amazing new life?

The new Inner Circle Course can help you find answers!

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This course is self-paced. Take it at your own speed.

Register. It’s 100% free.
and I put together some of the most
powerful lessons for you to experience.

Here’s what you will find in these first four free lessons.

Lesson 1 – Introduction
An overview of the course & a very powerful worksheet download to help you elevate your vibrations in life to help you transform your life. This free worksheet can help you shift your life energy in powerful ways all by itself if you use it daily. I hope you use it.

Lesson 2 – Creating Our Own Happiness
Learn about how our perception determines our reception! How we choose to look at the world creates a world within us and that resonates around us.

“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.”

― Anaïs Nin

Lesson 3 – Connecting To Purpose
Manifesting the life you & reveal your purpose by connecting to life with mindful (In the here & now) kindness & sincere compassion.

Lesson 4 – The Six Phase Meditation
An inspired compassion-based meditation and visualization system you can use to energize, manifest, and materialize the quality of life you desire to experience

Amazing Inspiring Kindness & Compassion Rituals
As a special bonus with the first four free lessons you’ll get videos demonstrating meaningful rituals you can use and adapt for yourself to help ground yourself in love & compassion. This will begin to shift and elevate your energy and make you more impervious to anxiety.

When And If You Continue Learning With Us
There are over 60 lessons available for the full course membership should you continue the course and keep learning beyond the first four lessons.

You get over $300 of ebook resources to help you change your life as a bonus shared with you over several months.

You get to be part of our Facebook community and ask me questions.

You will learn transformational ideas & steps you can take every day to feel & live better.

A great new online course in happiness through a spiritual connection to a meaningful life filled with kindness and compassion.

This is a free self-paced short course that will help you transform your life for the better and it’s only the beginning!