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You may feel stuck or down but this course can help you turn things around!

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The Universe brought you here for a reason. Trust that.
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Joe Segal’s Inner Circle Course and Community Creating Transformation Through Inspired Kindness and Compassion.

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You feel growing anxiety day after day & it often keeps up at night…
You feel stuck in your job and lack confidence to make a change…
You love people but feel yourself isolating more and more…
You desperately want and need more, but feel like you’re not enough to
make it happen and things never seem to go your way.

If you can relate to any of the above this course will help you make a big shift in your energy
and outcomes and achieve positive observable and steady transformation!
The key is managing your energy (*vibes) and focus (*mindfulness) and you can improve both.
Register and I’ll help you in this course and our community!

Have you recently wondered?

  • How can I stop repeatedly feeling upset about my past mistakes, or things people did to me?
  • How can I finally make real progress on the things I feel I’m stuck on in my life?
  • What can I do about my frequent worry and anxiety about the same things?
  • I need a change now! How can I create better luck and live an amazing new life?

The new Inner Circle Course can help you find answers!

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This course is self-paced. Take it at your own speed.

The first four lessons are 100% free.
and I put together some of the most
powerful lessons for you to experience.

Here’s what you will find in these first four free lessons.


Lesson 1 – Introduction

An overview of the course & a very powerful worksheet download to help you elevate your vibrations in life to help you transform your life. This free worksheet can help you shift your life energy in powerful ways all by itself if you use it daily. I hope you use it. It will make a huge difference in your life when you do.

Lesson 2 – Creating Our Own Happiness

You will learn about how you can shift your perception to manifest & influence your reception, get more of what you want!

How we choose to look at the world creates a world within us and that resonates around us. Every moment we can align with our Source Energy through mindful kindness we manifest our desired healthy prosperous life and fulfill our life mission and purpose! 

And this world needs you now more than ever before! It needs you to thrive and be fully alive!


“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.”

― Anaïs Nin

Lesson 3 – Connecting To Purpose

By aligning with loving compassionate energy you will learn to manifest the life you’re here for and desire! You can reveal your purpose by connecting to life with mindful (In the here & now) kindness & sincerely chosen compassion.



Lesson 4 – The Six Phase Meditation

You will experience and learn to use an inspired very powerful compassion-based meditation and visualization system you can use to energize, manifest, and materialize the quality of life you desire to experience. It’s all about managing your energy and expanding the circles of compassion in your life. Use this meditation every day for 30 days and your life will change in amazing ways!



Amazing Inspiring Kindness & Compassion Rituals/Routines!

As a special bonus with the first four free lessons you’ll get videos demonstrating meaningful rituals/mindful routines which you can use and adapt for yourself to help ground yourself in love & compassion. This will begin to shift and elevate your energy and make you more impervious to anxiety.  These routines install new habits that create a new energy resonance in your life to elevate everything that is you.



When And If You Continue Learning With Us

There are over 60 lessons available for the full course membership should you continue the course and keep learning beyond the first four lessons.  There’s just a bunch of great value you can tap into to in order to improve your life and feel better whenever you want it!


You get over $300 of ebook resources to help you change your life as a bonus shared with you over several months. Yes that’s yours free.


You get to be part of our Facebook community and ask me questions.


You will learn transformational ideas & steps you can take every day to feel & live better.

Why Is This Course Free?

Because I know aligning with the power of love, kindness & compassion is magically transformational and hugely important and I want you to see it in your life so your life work better for you. I want as many people as possible to.

And I want to introduce my work and full membership plan to you and others because this is growing into an amazing kindness movement and moment!  There’s no obligation or pressure to continue with the full course. If you like what I’ve shared you can continue, that’s up to you.

How Will I Benefit From This?

The honest answer is that is entirely up to you. It will depend on your commitment to elevating your life condition and using the worksheets, meditations, and tools I share with you. The first worksheet I share with you alone is massively powerful if you use it.

If you start, just start to use what you learn you will begin to feel better.

You will open your mind and hopefully your heart to more positive possibilities and living.

The ideas you’ll read and kindness routines/rituals you will see can help you to reduce anxiety, attract & manifest good people, experiences and opportunities for you. 

What Are Your Credentials To Teach Me?

I’m sharing what I’ve learned after enduring a childhood & life of complex deep trauma from emotional and other forms of painful bullying and abusiveness and sharing my life’s journey of healing and growth so that you can learn from my journey. 

I didn’t get a certificate or degree for these lessons. But I have found that as a result of my studies in the world’s spiritual practices & philosophies with amazing & powerful teachers, I have made a positive life-changing impact not just on my own life but on many others I’ve encountered. Creating positive loving progress by radiating kindness while living in the moment has helped me liberate myself from destructive patterns & people.

That is why I want to share a way to begin healing and growth to make progress and a positive impact on your life and in the world. The greatest teaching in life is life itself and the greatest understanding comes from sharing our growth with others.


Middy @GoUp090
I see a light in you, filled with compassion.🕯️ Love the positivity that you reach out to others with.


Charlotte @SpiritHealsYou
Sharing love and gratitude is the most important action we can take.
I see you do this with regularity.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being you. Thank you for letting all that good stuff out into the world. We need you. 


John Fusco @JohnFusco12
Dear Sir: Thank you for your selfless work in encouraging and inspiring kindness and compassion amongst your fellows. Without these traits we are mere creatures of the edge, protecting only ourselves. I am proud to support you and your message of good will and kindness.


🐋L OLA MARina NATURE Defender🕊 🌎🌳💦🌊 @1lolamarina
I thought of you as I helped a total stranger at a public pool today! He was having trouble walking and I gave him a pep talk!


Bee Slime @Skie4589
You are an old soul who has had a long journey. During that time you came to the conclusion that the most important thing is to be as kind and loving as possible. You have put a lot of good energy out there and I hope it comes back to you to.

A great new online course in happiness through a spiritual connection to a meaningful life filled with kindness and compassion.

This is a free self-paced short course that will help you transform your life for the better and it’s only the beginning!