Mindful Kindness For Happiness!

By Joseph Segal


This choice of how we live in the energy of kindness & compassion requires us to learn to be mindful, meaning to live in the present here and now, and not dwell on past regrets or grievances, or in future worries or even future goals.

We can learn this skill by practicing mindfulness exercises like focusing our attention on each slow inhale & exhale. This practice can all by itself take us out of the stream of lower vibrational living that seems to take up so much of our lives each day on social media or the news media. I’ll demonstrate this in upcoming lessons. You’ll find it to be one of your most powerful life skills!

This choice of living a love centered life requires us to choose not to complain or criticize or judge but rather to ask ourselves how we can create more love & compassion every time we engage with others.

When we complain we often think we do so to make things better, but it actually does the opposite. It creates a type of energy beacon that attracts unhappy people who are stuck in this level of fear based “living” and often can’t understand why. And we feel like we have a tribe of people who get us so we complain more and then they complain more and the tribe grows. Thus, the saying “misery loves company”.

It’s okay to feel angry or aggrieved and to let others know you have boundaries you expect them to respect and if not to cut those people out of our life however you need to do so.

But when we feel this energy try to notice it rather than inhabit it. You are not your feelings or your thoughts! You are the thinker.

When anger, fear, resentment, grievance etc arise it’s really the Universe presenting us with an opportunity to address some lesson that once learned will help us move forward in our life. So look for the lesson.

Feel the fear or anger or anxiety etc, notice it, then take a long slow breath in and out. Make a habit of this focused deep breath strategy. Ask yourself another empowering wake-up question, “what am I supposed to learn from this?” and “what is the most compassionate response for me here?”.

Ask yourself empowering questions to wake yourself up from the habits of being a consumer of other people’s comments & instead choose to create, create more love & learning.

Sometimes the compassionate response is to say nothing. Sometimes it’s to walk away. Other times it is to just listen and be present without judging or responding. But when you are mindful, in the here and now, you are responding to life, not reacting to it. Learn to trust the kindness within you.

Choose to put your attention where it is most kind for yourself and others. It’s not easy. Trust me, I know! But it is very worthwhile. Breathe, ask empowering questions, choose compassion & kindness. Repeat as necessary.

In the next lessons I’ll demonstrate ways of asking empowering questions to create new instructions for your subconscious mind which functions much like a supercomputer, instructions that support your ultimate goals to live a love centered fulfilling life!

We cannot fix other people. We are not here to fix other people.

We are here to love other people.

And this starts with making loving choices about how we live and invest our attention each day.

None of us are guaranteed endless tomorrows so we must decide to live today and who we want to be. Not what we want to have or get, but who we want to be!

Your life flows where your attention goes!

Do you want your life to be about resentment, anger, grievances and fear? The world will surely present you with all of that if you put your attention there!

Or do you want your life to be about good health, good people and great experiences that are rewarding and enriching and free you to be you?

Be mindful, in the here and now breathing into the present moment to wake yourself up.
Practice caring about and connecting to everyone you engage with and choosing not to fix them or criticize them. Everyone learns life by living it, not by our witty tweets or social media comments.

Life is about the energy we bring to it, our contribution to the world is
the way we choose to live in it. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Do you want  to have  more energy to create and live your ideal life and have more good fortune and good people come into your life? Being connected to the people in our lives in a positive, supportive and compassionate way cultivates our happiness and amplifies our life force energy! 

“There are two ways to live your life–one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

Before you can decide that everything is a miracle you need to be aware, awake and in the present moment. That is why I am sharing the tools and techniques for learning mindfulness in this course  and why I hope you invest your time in experiencing it and learning to use it.

Whatever your goals are in life, to make more money, to enjoy more romantic love in your life, to become healthier, it all requires you to start making choices setting your intentions (goals) and that requires you to be fully present in the here and now.

This is why the “I am” mantra exercise I’ll share with you in this course is so powerful. You will experience what seems miraculous in your life the more you learn to engage life by making empowering choices more often.

You decide who you are by the choices you make about what you focus on, complaining or creating for example. Are you a consumer or are you a creator? Are you surrounding yourself with problem solvers who live out a life of gratitude and appreciation or with people who complain and live in a cycle of resentment and regret? It’s your choice, if you become awake, mindful and aware.

I hope you’ll choose to be a person who lives life in the spirit of gratitude and wonder, a person who looks at life and people through loving compassionate eyes. I think once you decide to do this you’ll find more and more kind caring people around you. You will because it’s the energy you bring to life and life brings us who we are, not what we want,.

I printed these cards out and share them with people around town especially retain service workers and I tell them how much I appreciate their being kind and helpful. They all really appreciate it. You can  do the same thing if you want to and I’d be happy to help you with it.

Remember Love is a verb, or can be. Express it by sharing kindness. here’s how to do so.

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