How can compassion heal anxiety?

We are all going through so much stress and heightened states of anxiety these days during this awful pandemic and the economic crisis created by it. We are more isolated than usual and we were already suffering from epic levels of loneliness and isolation before this all happened!

One way we can heal from anxiety is to refocus our attention on how we can help other people. One way to help other people is to simply be present with them and for them. That shows respect and respect goes a long way in helping people and helping ourselves heal.

Another way we can heal from anxiety is through affirming the goodness we seek and the goodness in life in general through prayer. If you do not believe in a higher power then you can still use the power of the written and spoken word to affirm your values and listen to your heart. That too is very very powerful!

I created the Blessings And Prayers for Compassion Journal to be a tool to help us use our voice for aligning our hearts and minds with the good inside us and the greatest good in the collective consciousness of the world.

This compassion and prayer journal was created to help myself, my family, and my friends manage our anxiety and fear and center our thinking and feeling around kindness and caring. I hope you find it brings peace and prosperity to your life when you get it and use it. I think you will.

This journal includes pages where you can write the names or draw images to represent the people or groups that you want to send compassion prayers or positivity to. That act has power. All of life is energy. When we focus our loving attention it creates ripples of positive outcomes in life.

I also created the Happiness Mindful Gratitude Journal.  This is one page from one day in the 90-day Happiness Mindful Gratitude Journal. There are other pages where you can write your thoughts and feelings and follow other prompts that lead you to more peace in your life. You can get more like this in my new positivity community at

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