This world of ours is full of immense challenges, suffering and sorrow that require us to be involved in forging solutions we cannot yet even imagine.

But we are a very innovative imaginative species capable of great compassion, innovation and achievement and I have no doubt we will over time evolve to a point where we can learn to live in greater harmony with each other.

I believe we have one job as human beings. That is to live and love as fully as possible.

I was going to change the default title of the WordPress template post from “Hello World” to something else but as I’m recreating this site about my life and work from scratch and introducing myself to you I thought Hello World was very appropriate.

I am… well wait a second. Every time I start a sentence with “I am” I end up feeling that there’s never enough WordPress digital ink for me to write what I see my presence in life as today. Yes, I am a writer, web developer, growth hacking entrepreneur and seller of jewelry and clothing I design. But that is not who I am or what I am so much as it is what I do.

All of us are much more than our jobs or what we do in life! We all are fragile yet immensely powerful! We all struggle with our inner demons and obstacles and the resulting challenging relationships and events that afflict us.

But among even those who I disagree with the most, those who cause me pain and evoke great anger in me, I know there is a desire to be loved and safe.  And that is what I want to help promote, a world where more of us can feel and be loved and safe. So I work to see that as the common ground to meet people on the best I can.

It’s hard to deal with the world not being the way one thinks it should be! It’s upsetting to live in a world where people don’t behave with kindness or even behave rationally given the facts and evidence presented to them of what our great issues are and the consequences of our inaction in their face.

Hey, it’s hard to live as a kind loving person even when someone cuts in front of me with their car to swing into a parking spot, recklessly trying to shave a few feet off the distance they have to walk while risking my very life.  But I’ve learned that most people out there are going through things they have little capacity to deal with.  Most people are kind of oblivious to me and others around them as they go about their lives trying to survive each day and “get ahead”. In fact most walk around like zombies looking into their “smart” phones as if it held the answers to their life’s most important questions.

So I set about the work of studying ways of helping myself and others become more aware and conscious as we live life so we can live and love more fully.

This blog will be about the journey I’ve been on and I hope to continue in the search for solutions to create more healthy, happy aware and conscious connections between us.

I’m studying and practicing Mindfulness Meditation and have found it to be extremely helpful in reducing stress and unnecessary suffering. So I’m excited to share some of the things I’ve learned in the form of recorded MP3’s I’ve created for you. So there’s no fancy intro music or slick productions here. It’s just me sharing the meditation process I use to reduce stress and become more tuned in to what matters.


So  I hope you took some time to listen and experience the meditation with me.  If you enjoyed it please share this page around and please practice this on your own.   We all need and deserve inner peace.

Thank you!
Joseph Segal