Creating a great new life matching your loving prosperous vision you hold in your heart!

You want to live a life of abundance, personal freedom, purpose and love! You want to be able to release yourself from the places you find yourself to be frustratingly stuck.  

That is why I created this new course at Joe Segal’s Inner Circle.

I always put love, kindness and compassion at the center of my life circle. 

After a childhood and adolescence replete with trauma, emotional and other forms of abuse and cruelty directed towards me, responding to the world with love and kindness is what I have found works best for me.

It is really the only thing that works for me.

After a lifetime of studies of spiritual traditions, ceremonies, and personal development practices, I’ve turned my pain into my purpose, my misery into my mission. That mission is creating healing and growth through kindness and compassion in the world.

I have created a course and membership group to invite you and others to learn how to improve your life, build a new life and live it fully by rooting yourself in kindness, compassion and gratitude.

These Are The Principles Of The New Course I Just Created

There are five pillars the concept of this course rests on.




Mindfulness &


If you want to live a life of abundance to create the great life you envision for yourself and make the difficult changes you may be facing, be that finding your purpose and starting a new career, a career change to something that is fulfilling for you, moving into your retirement, finding a new loving partner in life or experiencing better health, this course has tools you can use to help you do any and all of that. I am holding space for you to choose to use these tools and succeed!

Five Pillars. Everything I will share with you flows out of the above five states of awareness, actions, intention, Kindness, Compassion, Gratitude, Mindfulness & Empathy!

These five pillars of the course are designed to help you bring to life the loving prosperous vision of the great new life you hold in your heart right this moment.

Using the tools and lessons, mindfulness meditation, kindness and compassion rituals, and using the deep visualization and meditation techniques to help realize your heart’s path, this course can help you make the changes you are struggling with and get to a whole new level of being you.

There is greatness within you, because there is great love within you!

Adjusting and elevating your energy vibrations and focus will help you release it and allow it all to emerge in ways that may appear to be miraculous.

But it really is about doing the work, taking the steps, and creating the habits that will help you match your vibrations to that of the vision you hold for your life in your heart!

Vibration? What is vibration you might ask?

It is the way you see life! It is having a focus of giving to the world rather than getting from it. It is about the love and kindness you allow yourself to feel for yourself and others. It is about learning to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore and be open but not attached to anything and everything as it comes to you! Being as grateful and present in life as you can every day. It’s about being the great person you are and allowing yourself to live fully and love deeply. 

That might sound pretty serious, but I want to you to relax, enjoy what you learn, and have some fun with this course.

This course is about helping you create a more joyful, meaningful process of living way more than it is about helping you reach a destination because the best of life often happens along the way to where we think we’re going.

Do I write and speak in spiritual sounding words? Yes, my understanding of personal development, growth and transformation are rooted in a multitude of Eastern and Western spiritual & wisdom teachings. 

I also share what I hope will be practical tools, resources and amazing downloadable worksheets that are designed to help you create more of the satisfying life changes you deeply desire right now so you have personal freedom, more confidence and you can feel better and live better!


Why not add some more peace, progress and loving-kindness to your timeline and life?