It’s Like Having An Affirmation Life Coach

Hi, I’m Joe Segal. And I created something I want to share with you. I created it to help all of us find more peace and kindness and compassion matches with each other, but with ourselves.

I created a skill for the Echo Dot for the smart speaker from Amazon. It’s called happiness affirmations. And basically the idea is that all day and all night, our subconscious mind tries to keep us safe and well. And what it does is it carries on a conversation in our mind.

Most of our thoughts, 95% of all of our thoughts happen in the background automatically through our subconscious mind.

And that’s why we start to hear this negative inner chatter that tells us that we may not be as good as other people, right? Or we may not be good enough or worthy, and it creates self doubt.

And we have this negative inner chatter. Sometimes we picked up conversations from our parents when we were children and we soak things up as a sponge or from teachers or siblings.

And we picked up negativity about who we are as a story that we continuously tell ourselves. So we have this inner voice that questions us and says, why me?

And then fills in the answers with all of all kinds of nonsense about why we can’t be happy and healthy and experience the life that we want.

So what I did is I created a skill an Alexa skill, a program to help us create a soothing calming, honversation and inner ally of self compassion of self care.

This is especially helpful in this time of so much stress and anxiety with what’s going on with the COVID pandemic, with the economy, with what we see on the news every day, it’s just in social media, there’s so much negativity and it fills with, it fills us with anxiety and stress, and it makes it hard to sleep and to, hust because calm and enjoy life.

So I created this. I hope you enjoy it. I’m going to demonstrate it for you. It’s absolutely free, and it will help you. It will help us to create more inner peace and calm.

It will help us to create more compassion because compassion starts from within people who are kind to themselves are kind to others.

You’ve heard the expression that hurt people, hurt people. They do. And, you know, kindness creates ripples of other acts of kindness. Just as people who are in pain creates ripples of other pain coming to ourselves as much as we can. And then share that in the world and create ripples of positive change and kindness, right? Wouldn’t you agree? The world needs more kindness, caring and empathy.

Well, that starts with us. So I created it and I want to demonstrate it for you now. Okay. So I’m going to turn this on and I’ll activate it and then it will describe what the skill is and give you the options and we’ll start using it together. Okay?

Ready? All right. Alexa, happiness affirmations. Welcome to happiness affirmations. Here is your first affirmation. I allow my happiness grow every day. Okay. This together with me now, I allow my happy,

My happiness to grow every day, I allow my allow my happiness to grow every day. I allow my happiness to grow every day.

Would you like to continue? You can repeat it here. Another one or star, let’s say again or next or goodbye. Let’s hear another. You can hear the previous affirmation by saying again here, the next affirmation by saying next or happiness affirmations by saying goodbye. Next I release all stress and I live confidently. Repeat this together with me. Now.

I release all stress and I live confidently. I release all stress and I live confidently. I release all stress and I live confidently.

Would you like to continue say again next or goodbye? I love and appreciate myself. Ready. Now, place your hand on your heart and say this affirmation aloud several times together with me.

I love and appreciate myself. I love and appreciate myself. I love and appreciate myself.

Would you like to continue or goodbye. I naturally and easily see the good in people? Okay. Let’s say this affirmation together now.

I naturally and easily see the good in people I naturally and easily see the good in people I naturally and easily see the good in people.

Would you like to continue? You can say again next or goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you for using happiness affirmations. Make your life a positive affirmation and please come back soon. Visit Joseph for more. It is spelled J O S E P H S E G A

Thank you, Alexa. That is my website where you can find out more about what I’m creating here to share more tools or happiness and compassion and kindness at And I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick demo of this tool.

It has lots of really wonderful affirmations, which are statements we say to ourselves to create an anchor, a positivity, to, to align our thoughts, our intentions with self-love with kindness, with self-confidence and so that we can live a happy, healthy, abundant life and, and share positivity in the world. So I hope you use it.

If you have an echo dot or echo device, simply say Alexa, happiness affirmations, and start enjoying it and share it with your friends and family and coworkers. And you can visit me again.

I’m Joe Segal and you are someone I care a great deal about!

Thank you and be well.


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