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If you have read books about self-improvement perhaps from great authors like Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Depok Chopra, Stephen Covey, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and others, then I know you want to take your power and improve your life moving beyond fear, self-doubt and suffering, and I know you’ll get tremendous value from the lessons in this course! They are designed to help you help yourself thrive!

This is a course to help you experience the prosperity of kindness & compassion by developing life-affirming empowering habits for higher consciousness and self-realization.

Like yourself, I’ve watched countless hours of self-improvement lectures & read too many self-help and books about living a spiritually uplifting and meaningful life to list. What I’ve learned is that inspiration fades but habits last. Habits transform our lives! This course offers ways to create new habits that will help you create a new life that honors the great loving voice that is within you to align your life with your inner truth so you can walk your path of heart each day. Step by step through loving awareness you can transform your life!

I believe you arrived here on this page in this moment of time for a reason and if you choose to trust this moment in time of the universe reaching out to help you, I believe you will increase prosperity in your life in all the ways that matter most. That’s it. That’s the sales pitch. Trust this moment.

Thank you!
Joseph Segal

As a member you get the results of over two years of the joyful research I did into sharing the most powerful lessons to help you make progress in your life and raise your vibes! It’s all here for you as a member of Joe Segal’s Inner Circle!

This is fun, inspiring and very very powerful stuff. I wanted to create MASSIVE VALUE FOR YOU! So I created this learning community for positive life transformation!

As a member you will enjoy the course and may use the lessons whenever you want to make more positive progress in your life. Every one of these lessons are designed to create a healthier, higher vibe life to help you live a better life!

Lesson 1 : Welcome let’s get started!
Lesson 2: Confident Compassion – Feeling Good and Strong
Lesson 3: Elevating Frequency Tapping – Activating Better Energy Flow
Lesson 4: See Through Loving Eyes
Lesson 5: Connecting To Purpose
Lesson 6: A Powerful Unconditional Compassion Ritual
Lesson 7: The Amazing Six Phase Meditation – Tapping The Power Of Compassion
Lesson 8: Kind Attention – Amplifying Kindness Energy
Lesson 9: SNAP Out Of Lower Vibes To Feel Better
Lesson 10: The Morning Golden Hour – Wake Up Your Energy Frequency
Lesson 11: Let Go Of Your Self-Limiting Beliefs And Live Better
Lesson 12: Creating Your GPS! Guided Purposeful Success!
Lesson 13: Ask Yourself Empowering Questions To Get Amazing Insights
Lesson 14: How To Use Mindfulness To Reduce Anxiety Anytime
Lesson 15: Get What You Want With Creative Visualization
Lesson 16: Feeding Yourself Greatness For A Great Life
Lesson 17: Breathing Mindfully To Become More Alive & Successful
Lesson 18: The 60 Second Six Phase Meditation For A Kind & Prosperous Life