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Hi, my name is Joseph Segal.
I am 59 years old. I come from a very loving family.
But in my childhood, I endured a great deal of emotional & other abuse that created problems for me that have persisted my entire life. Consequently, I’ve spent years learning how to heal myself from trauma after I became aware of its impact on me, difficulty trusting people, persistent inner very harsh criticism of myself, and difficulty dealing with criticism and people yelling, all of this stems from my childhood and early adolescent years.
But I’ve also learned that I am what some refer to as a empath or very sensitive person. I feel everything very deeply. I love people! I love life, animals and nature, music and art! I deeply desire to help others and especially help others like myself who suffered abuse, bullying and and other torment to find relief.
So, I set out to learn about inner growth and this set me on path to learn about spirituality. I studied with Buddhists and with Native American Shamans and learned about the power of prayer and rituals to heal and connect to the Divine. I’ve studied mindfulness and found ways to regulate my emotions and I’ve shared everything I’ve learned in a new course (18 video lessons!) at My site
But I’ve fallen on difficult times after the last great recession and really never really recovered from the one in 08 either!
Even so, I spend hours every day doing what I can to share kindness and love and compassion on Twitter and Facebook with as many people as I can! And I’ve met wonderful people who have said heartwarming things about myself and my work there!
Now I need a little help myself. I am facing a possible eviction as my landlord wants to sell our rental property in a “no fault” eviction to cash in on the property forcing me out in the most unforgiving unaffordable rental market in America while COVID RSV FLU and this brutal Inflation is going on!
I really could use some help. Whatever you can spare would be deeply appreciated and help me continue the work I do online and create courses and other programs to help people heal and do better in life. It will help me pay rent and get started marketing the books I’ve written and the course I authored which I know will help people!
I hate to ask anyone for help really, but here I am laying my life out for all to see hoping someone can help.
If you can help with $100 I’ll set you up with a lifetime access to my course on Kindness and Compassion’s power to transform our lives and help us deal with trauma.
If you find some things at my ETSY store you like that could also help me try to get by this very scary difficult time in my life. ETSY Shop Lots of artwork and inspiring poetry created by me!

If you want to contribute to my work to heal and share what I learn with others in the same boat, if you want to help me continue my advocacy online for kindness and have some security I won’t end up homeless while I look for more work, please share what you can! Everything helps!
Here’s a few things people have said about me and my work:
Jayce McMeeken
You’re a kind soul Joe
Keep inspiring
Morgan Escherly – Say Yes to Sanity☂
Love you Joe! Continue to be
a fountain of love and wisdom.
Malinda Miller
✨ … Thank you Joe. I admire your relentless efforts of blasting love and spreading kindness. Keep shining your light.♥️🌎♥️
Michael Dineen
We need more people like you Joe. Very serious.
Verdant Square Network
Rough morning? Spend about 10 minutes with @joesegal
the Minister of Kindness and Wellness. You will feel better. #Loveyourself
Ruth a Johnston raj💉😷🇺🇦
Oh Joe, you’re definitely a good man. You have no idea how many people you’ve touched with your warm smile and thoughtful ways. Maybe the children he referred to are God’s children. And you’ve taught lots of us about love and kindness. I’m not a naturally pleasant person like you
Susan Oloier
I read your tweets. I don’t often reply to them because I’m not sure what to say. But they add much beauty and kindness to my feed, and I truly appreciate them and you.
Thank you Joe! You are the brightest light that spread love and compassion to the world of ours! May you be abundantly blessed. 🙏🏼💛💥
Thank you for always being a shining light in these darkest of times.
In my book, you are an incredible human being. Peace and love!
I love you Joe, you make the world a better place one tweet at a time! ❤️‍🩹🙏💖☺️
ӄɛʋɨռ – քɛʀքɛȶʊǟʟ ʍʏֆȶɨƈ
Aww, thanks Joe – and right back atcha’! 😊 Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration and for always providing reminders to be kind. I know I certainly need them sometimes – appreciate them, and you, always 🙏🏻♥️
Avra Cadaver Arts 🎨 🌻
You exude light. We all have a darkness. Some of us just choose to shine.
I see a light in you, filled with compassion.🕯️ Love the positivity that you reach out to others with.
Kylie Riordan
Thank you. My heart is humbled and filled with gratitude. You also inspire me. Your vulnerability and persistence when spreading kindness makes my heart so full of joy and peace. There is goodness in the world, Joe. It is found in you x
Leslie SoCal ☮️📸
If we are using the definition of radical that you are different from the usual or traditional, yes, but I would never think of you as radical. You push kindness and love all the time. If you are radical, I’m all in! ❤️
Ross Collins
You are very clearly awesome. We need more like you.
Danielle Workman #WhyArePeopleStupid 🇺🇦🌻
You are doing a great job, and inspire others to the same – you are making a difference in the world! Thank you for all you do to spread love in the world – Peace and love be with you, Joe 🥰🕊️💗
The Third Eye
You are a wonderfully strange oasis of goodness on here! 😃
I see your posts peppered in between the hard issue posts on my feed, and it’s nice to have yours as a speed bump, of sorts!
Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. Many people could benefit from this. You have a big heart❤️
Thanks Joe! You’re one of the people who I try to be like and a big influence on me.
Vector Saint
You are an old soul who has had a long journey. During that time you came to the conclusion that the most important thing is to be as kind and loving as possible. You have put a lot of good energy out there and I hope it comes back to you to.
Abort the Supreme Court🌹🌎🇺🇸
You are a gift and I always appreciate your uplifting words and kindness💝
btw, i don’t think i’ve told you yet that i simply adore you and your tweets. You are an uplifting kind hearted soul that spreads light and love in an otherwise dark and toxic online social media world. much love to year dearest brother and angel of light!!
Marilyn Bush
How beautifully said! Your words resonate. I can honestly say I’ve met more people who were bullied than those who were not. Thank you for sharing this. I find it deeply touching. 💞
DJ Claussen 🌹
For those desperately in need of some positivity on their TL, I suggest giving this man a follow.
He is, without a doubt, one of Twitter’s greatest purveyors of hope, kindness, & just basic Humanity. A true light in the darkness & one of the people that keep me sane!
Thanks, Joe!
💜👽Balanced Neutrality 👽💜
You voice is a soothing affirmation to the soul. You words speak to the energy of Source and the Power Within. Many have yet to realize the great unveiling is underway. It is the Light shining on all hidden things so the collective consciousness, as One, can change.
You are so sweet and kind, thank you.🙏🏻
John Fusco
Dear Sir: Thank you for your selfless work in encouraging and inspiring kindness and compassion amongst your fellows. Without these traits we are mere creatures of the edge, protecting only ourselves. I am proud to support you and your message of good will and kindness
OpheliaPGMom 💫🍎🦺 🇵🇸🍎🇵🇭🦺 🍎
You are a wonderful person, a caring son, and an uplifting friend. YOU are good. 🤗💕
Sharing love and gratitude is the most important action we can take.
I see you do this with regularity.
You are the nicest person I know, Joe, I felt the same way at the time, but I had my own parents telling me that I wasn’t worth anything and I would never amount to anything and I was so ugly that no one would ever want me, lol that I’d be a welfare mother of 5
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being you. Thank you for letting all that good stuff out into the world. We need you.
LuLu Smith🌻
You are blessing. You are kind and sensitive, rare qualities these days.
Nancy Weaver🌎🌍🌏Wear a mask when you share air.
You are a good guy! Kind, respectful, and decent.We need more, much more, like that, like you.Thank you, Joe.
Ali Wooding
Happy Birthday Joe 🎂🎉💐Enjoy celebrating your beautiful Self, as we appreciate all the wisdom & loving thoughts you share with us each year! 🙏
Pure_love8 (Tik tok )
Dear Joe , just the fact that you bring light and love to people allover the world , makes you lovable . You are a messenger of happy thoughts. We all try to make a difference ,and your tweets helps make people feel great everyday. I specially love the Nostalgic Photos .
From the Ground Up🌿
You’re wonderful. I needed that. A lot. Thank you for being a light in a sea of darkness.
Your posts make me happy Joe 😃🙏🏻💕
Joe, you’re one of the most insightful, intelligent folks I know. I’m so blessed to know you my friend.
Thanks Joe_ your energy & wisdom are awesome… every time I run into you I feel lighter & more centered. I can’t emphasize the importance.
Jung at Heart 🦥
I love this man. Always positive. 💕
Lori Evangelisto
This is so sweet Joe!! You are an absolute ray of sunshine!🌟 I’m so fortunate to have found you and everyone that follows you. We are all One!🌟 Inspiring, motivating and supporting each other! It’s a true Godsend! 🙏
Gordana Biernat
Thank you Joe!✨🙏🏼✨
Sending waves of appreciation
and light to the I AM in YOU!✨♥️✨
Lisette Root
Blessed Be Joe, I have never seen an unkind tweet from you. A few that really made me think, but truth is not unkind, it is simply truth
Human Capital Spock We/Us
Thank you Joe! And thanks for your great messages of PEACE and LOVE! 🖖🙏✌
Nyn Psychic Wars SpecOps⌛️ they/them🌈⚧️
Thank you most kindly for your support! And also for what you shared, as it reminded me how important this is, to become part of the flow of humanity and lovingkindness. Life is so much more beautiful in this way… 🥰🕯️
How sweet. Sending you 🤗 and wishing you health and happiness and everything good. It’s special people like you, that keep me motivated to keep fighting for justice for all of us.😍
Jujubee SUPPORTS the SQUAD – NOT the establishment
Twitter needs more people like you tweeting positive things/ideas. Personally, I don’t care how many likes my tweets get. I’m not keeping score. (Maybe I’m missing the point of twitter, but again, I don’t care.)
We Need Policies, Not Meaningless Platitudes
Success is when you make one person smile or lighten their worries. You are very successful every day.
Just Beth
1. Wholesome
2. Compassionate
3. Uplifting
Your posts are like a timeline cleanse from all the chaos and I appreciate it so so much!
Vonnie 🌎 We Are All Siblings
This is my wonderful friend, Joe Segal. He is a consistent voice for compassion and kindness. 🌿🕊🙏
Noemi Sparks
. Thanks for sharing love and kindness in the Twittersphere <3
John (J.E.W.L.) 💞🌎💫♒☧
I Love it! You are beaming with compassion, empathy… pure Love! You’ve got a purely Loving aura about/around you! Keep up the great work, Joe! Much Love, My Friend!💞☺️
Mystical Susan
You always remind me of what is most important, Joe. Kindness! I appreciate you! 👊🏼
I love all of these people and so many more!
I want to continue the work I do.
It would help me have some security and peace of mind if I could receive a little help.
I love you so very much and thank you for reading this and maybe sharing it with others.
Love always,
Joseph Segal