Please down load and use these free animated kindness memes to participate in spreading and growing kindness in your life and in our world!

This world needs more kindness!
We need you to help spread and share kindness!

You’d be surprised by how sharing a sincere kind word of thanks or
your compliment can make someone’s entire day.
Your words might reach them precisely when they need it most. You matter!

Our new course at was created to help you to let the greatness that is you emerge in your lifeĀ  through the power of kindness & compassion. It will help you connect to your purpose, create a more meaningful life, and have the tools you need to adapt to change.

To download a meme below
Click on the image or icon of the meme then look for the three dots in the top right corner and click or tap it to select “download’ and save it to your device. Then share it to your social media friends with a few sincere kind words of praise or gratitude.

Share these on your social media with some personal notes of your own to your followers and friends and make someone’s day better!

This is where we start!

Thank you!

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