Created and edited by Joe Segal & Leonard Segal

Here’s your message today:

“Celebrate the small victories;
they are proof that you are making progress,
no matter how insignificant they may seem.”

-Joseph Segal


Dear Friend,

Leonard and I want you to know that you matter a great deal to us. We know life is difficult and challenging for everyone. So we want you to know we are here for you and with you. We are doing our best to share encouragement, kindness, and helpful things with you.

You matter! You are not alone. You make a difference!

In a world that often demands perfection, remember the importance of self-compassion. Take to heart the words of Brené Brown, a renowned researcher, and author, who said, “Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” Let this reminder inspire you to be kind and gentle with yourself, embracing your imperfections and celebrating your journey.

Can I share something personal with you? I have struggled with my weight since I was in high school. I know now that it had a lot to do with a lack of self-compassion and struggles with adults accepting me and loving me unconditionally when I needed it most.

But I’m working on self-compassion every day now, and it helps. I’m also working on eating more plant-based food every single day! This supplement is a plant-based product designed to make it easier to lose weight and have more energy. It has lots of great reviews and I like it a lot so far. You can check out the  video for it here.

Here is a mantra or affirmation that came to me to help me with my work at being more kind and accepting of myself. I hope you try it and it helps you find more peace too. Try this. You can choose your own words if they come to you and feel more appropriate.

“I unconditionally love and accept my body and my mind, and I’m grateful for becoming healthier every day!”

If you want to feel and live better, get to your healthy body weight in a healthy way, please look at the movie in the link below. It is super inspiring to me.

“I think this is an amazing story about an ancient Mediterranean ritual to lose weight and improve lives. I’ve started using this myself recently.”
~Joe Segal

Go watch this video, it’s great!: https://bit.ly/betterthanadiet

Before you go on with your scrolling now that you’re inspired, a word from today’s sponsor. 😊 Science has found that our liver has a lot to do with how we metabolize food and store or lose weight, especially around our stomach!

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Learn about this simple weight loss resource that is based on an ancient Mediterranean ritual handed down from generation to generation.

Watch this inspiring video from people who have been successfully losing stubborn weight and creating better lives. It’s all-natural and works by helping to cleanse the liver so you can enjoy more of the foods you enjoy. It’s Definitely Worth trying.  Click here to watch this movie: https://bit.ly/betterthanadiet


“You are here for Love and Love is here for you!”

-Joseph Segal


What if more of us could focus on loving kindness and growing positivity in our world together instead of focusing on our differences and negativity online?

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Love is your birthright!
Joseph & Leonard Segal

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Meditation is a great way to learn to listen to your loving inner voice and let go of your worries or regrets.

I share some meditations on my youtube channel I think you’ll enjoy. Please be sure to subscribe so you get new videos. Thank you!

Here are some things you can do to increase happiness:

  1. Get out in the sunshine for a short time.
  2. Do something for someone to help them today.
  3. Listen to your favorite music and dance.
  4. Find someone to compliment and encourage.
  5. Start a gratitude journal.
  6. Breathe deeply, learn mindfulness, and appreciate the moment.
  7. Do something you’ve been putting off doing.
  8. Smile and wave at someone.
  9. Cuddle with a dog or cat.
  10. Turn off “news” and stop doom scrolling social media.

What activities bring you happiness? Hit reply and let us know.