The Obstacle Is The Way

The Obstacle Is The Way

Please visit me at for free meditations, to find inspiring helpful books and journals and more great podcast episodes! The Obstacle Is The Way. In this episode of The Inner Peace Podcast I share a realization I had about how difficulties are often...
The Obstacle Is The Way

Stream Of Sleep

Stream Of Sleep is a 15 minute sleep meditation designed to listen to at night before sleep or if you wake up in the middle of the night from anxiety unable to sleep. So many of us are experiencing sleepless nights and anxiety levels that cause us to wake up in the...
The Obstacle Is The Way

The Fear Empowerment Choice

Better is better than bitter! Here is a brief new podcast episode about how I’ve realized a new way to approach fear and anxiety that improves my life. I hope listening to it helps you to improve your life. Love & Light, Joseph Segal —...

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