What if all of life is variety of types of energy vibrating?

What if our bodies carry our energy inside and around us just like the Earth has an electromagnetic field inside it and around it?

And what if this field of energy lets us connect to people and all forms of nature at a level so subtle most of use are not aware it even exists yet this type of human Wi-Fi field of energy influences everyone of us every single day!

I and many others believe this to be the case. The line between spiritual practices many of them going back thousands of years and scientific evidence is less clear than some think it is. But my need to understand why something works quite frankly takes a back seat to experiencing that it works and making good use of it.

Have you ever entered a room and found that things felt uncomfortable or that there was a positive energy vibe going on that you just fit right into and consequently and had the most amazing conversations with people?  People can sense our confidence and our emotional states and they do have an influence on others.  Understanding how to use our energy to heal and benefit ourselves is a great skill, a powerful tool to have in life.

I used to spend quite a bit of my life in my late teens and early twenties involved in learning about spirituality. I studied with Native American Shamans and traveled around experiencing their culture, rituals and ceremony. I read many books on the world’s religions and spiritual practices. Then I went to college and started my career in advertising. I left my spiritual path behind me.

I spent many years trying to “get ahead” by putting more money in the bank, buy more stuff, and so on. Only to find if I was disconnected to what was important to me and who I am as a person ie creative, spiritually connected, etc that I couldn’t be successful in life in any meaningful way.

So now I’m doing my best to be me, to have balance and be in touch with my curious spiritual self as well as my business entrepreneurial self. I can’t separate who I am from myself and be healthy or successful.

So I found this very cool video about “energy work”. In it the presenter shows how he using a type of visualization process to send out invitations to people to come work with him as clients.

I think to be successful its important to open one’s self to allowing success and new clients. So even if this is “just” a mental exercise in allowing success, it’s potentially powerful.

This is the video I watched yesterday.