Creating Happiness

“WHEN YOU CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THINGS, THE THINGS YOU LOOK AT CHANGE.” -WAYNE DYER It’s time to start engineering your own happiness! Sound good? I love saying “I am the engineer of my own happiness!” It reminds me that I have the power to create my own focus in...

Welcome to our Inner Circle Happiness Community

We cannot always choose what shows up in our life, but we can choose how we show up to it! We can choose how we respond, what choices we make and what meaning we give to the events in our life. You have that power. You used it to decide to increase your happiness by...
Happiness Affirmations

Happiness Affirmations

Happiness Affirmations Joe! Show me this Skill! It’s Like Having An Affirmation Life Coach Hi, I’m Joe Segal. And I created something I want to share with you. I created it to help all of us find more peace and kindness and compassion matches with each...

Joseph Segal’s Community

Experience The Power Of Positive Community! You deserve to be happy, healthy and surrounded by love!   You are beautiful, a shining spirit of love and you and each of us are here to express our unique gifts and beauty in the way we live our lives and be true to...
Joseph Segal Post Template

Joseph Segal Post Template

Joe! I want more!   What is (ADD KEYWORD OR PHRASE)? Write something here to answer the question of the title like what is compassion or what is journaling or what is kindness etc etc and include a brief thought on how it can help the reader. Why is (ADD KEYWORD...

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