Learn How To Make Affirmations Work For You!

Shift your mindset and energy to create a powerful, compassionate and confident inner conversation to guide you in life.



Are Your Inner Stories Positive or Negative Affirmations? 

Your inner dialogue in your mind is holding you back from living your fully happy healthy prosperous life.

Using affirmations properly can empower you to rewrite your self-limiting beliefs, your old unhelpful stories about who you are and how you see the world, and will help you create a new voice that becomes your inner ally that encourages you, supports you and empowers you to succeed.

If you want to know what stories you’ve adopted that are negatively impacting your life today, look at the areas of your life which you have the most consistent struggles.

Are you having repeated problems with money & your career?

Are you having repeated problems with your love life and romance?

Are you having repeated problems with your health?

If you are experiencing the same type of stubborn problems in the same area of your life it’s highly likely you are telling yourself “negative affirmations” that are keeping you stuck.

They might sound like, “I’m not good enough to succeed!” or “I’m too short or not this enough or that enough!” or “I never get a lucky break”.

These type of negative affirmations can keep us anchored in fear unable to push beyond our comfort zone and live a full happy life, a great new life!

Affirmations performed with strong emotions and focused intent, can help you begin to reverse the self-limiting thinking that is sabotaging your happiness, and success. They really can! 

Of course you will need to pair the properly done and repetitively performed affirmations with daily actions that provide your subconscious and conscious mind with evidence of your desires to achieve your dreams and goals.

Think of it this way. When a wizard or magical practitioner in the stories says a magic spell they usually wave a wand or stir a pot of magic brew or ring a bell.

They use actions combined with words and strong intent because that is the formula as human beings to create change in concurrence or alignment with our will. 

Affirmations are ways of creating a new narrative, a new story in your mind that help you to align your feelings, your self-identity, and your goals with who you want to be today and the new great life you want to manifest!

Remember, we have over 80,000 thoughts every day, and every night, while we are sleeping these, can reveal themselves in our dreams through the language of symbolic representation and stories. 

It’s time to create more loving, kind, compassionate, and healthy stories that drive your actions and results!

You can create and manifest a more compassionate great life!

You need to use the power of repetition combined with strong emotionally charged statements to create a mindset of great achievement.

You are the greatest and most important coach you will ever need or encounter. Every day is your chance for a rousing game winning halftime speech before you take the field and score to win the game!

You need to do whatever it takes to inspire yourself, up your energy levels and tap into your inner warrior and or goddess energy to activate change!

This turns your affirmations from fluffy empty words into magical incantations that penetrate your subconscious mind and help you succeed!

Saying “I am happy” over and over again or once a day while we are feeling sad and unhappy will not change our stories and will feel dishonest to our subconscious mind and as such will not take root and be productive.

We need to tie our statements our affirmations to whatever seeds of truth we know and see in our own life experiences and then take steps to reinforce them by taking small actions that mirror and match our affirmations. Continue the course to learn how to do this and make beautiful changes in your life!