Before you go on to the rest of the course,

Here is a special ritual/exercise you can add to your life.

Set A Loving Tone Every Single Morning!

Create a habit of this compassionate ritual to help you feel better and better every day! This ritual, what I call “the compassionate eyes ritual”, is a way to align one’s intention and focus with a commitment to love & service to something bigger than ourselves. It is a commitment to and decision to breathe and pause and look for the good in people and experiences.

Creating this daily morning ritual will not keep problems at bay, it will not keep difficult people off your social media timeline! But what it will begin to do is help you to keep making healthier choices in how you respond to whatever comes your way!


Do This Every Day To Increase Prosperity In Every Way!

When you find yourself among other people like at work, school or when you are out shopping, take a few moments to center yourself and take a few deep calming breaths. If you place your hand on your heart it will help you activate your compassionate energy for yourself and others. Then scan the room around you and visualize sending love to anyone and everyone you see! While you do this you can keep a simple compassionate phrase in your mind like “I wish you well”.

Unconditionally opening yourself to love flowing through you will increase the love that flows to you and with it prosperity in every way that is meaningful to you too!

woman with love hearts in her eyes and floating hearts rising with people and a cat in the background


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then print it out so you have it to use and help you!