Using this journal you can reduce your anxiety levels and sleep better at night. I hope you try it.

All of this stress we are going through sucks! I know. But there are things we can do to reduce it.

I’ve been going through this massively stressful time here with you over these last years and especially during the height of this terrible pandemic now. It feels scary and hopeless and its easy to give in to despair. But please don’t give in to despair!

What I’ve found is that “mindfulness”,  a practice of training our mind to get into the present moment through breathing and mediation techniques, has been the most effective tool in my life to stop the anxiety and all its negative impacts in my life like:

  • Inability to sleep or stay asleep. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night unable to stay asleep?
  • Frequent worrying. I know I’m not the only one!
  • Being short tempered with people I love.
  • Headaches or stomach aches. Anxiety creates all kinds of health problems.

Writing in a journal will helps you relieve stress and relieve anxiety in numerous and powerful ways! This journal as you can see by the video adds a variety of other tools to help you harness the power of mindfulness, compassion, kindness and gratitude to improve your life experience.

Just think of it and trust your feelings. You know deep inside that a focus of compassion, kindness and gratitude will elevate your vibrations and improve your life because these things always have done just that. This journal was written to help you get back to what works. That’s why I wrote it.

Every day you get to choose your own Happiness Activity from the list of proven steps you can take to feel and live better. You’ll also practice creating a habit of thanking people that you encounter each day online or at home.

You will keep an easy to achieve three item gratitude list and track things you can feel good about having learned or achieved that day! These activities will help you build self-confidence and compassion.

Joe! You are the “Positive Progressive” so how does this have anything to do with politics? Great question! 🙂 When we teach people to create a life focused on and by compassionate that creates visible and unseen ripples of change around us!

We are all one. We are connected by a type of natural “wi-fi” some call the collective unconscious. The Maharishi Effect study for example had highly trained Yogis practicing meditation in various cities with high crime rates and the violent crime rates were shown to reduce after they embedded these meditation masters in their communities.

“I believe we can all be Revolutionaries for Love using the power of love and promoting the power of compassion. We must learn to harness our inner strength and resilience so we can help ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the world.”~ Joseph Segal

And of course I’m usually here so just click the little chat icon here in the corner of my website and we can chat about your questions or experiences with this journal! 

This is just one page from one day in the 90 day journal. There are other pages where you can write your thoughts and feelings and follow other prompts that lead you to more peace in your life.

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