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What happens if we actually take time to thank and appreciate people we find?

Leonard and I love sharing these “Happy Cards” we had printed up to thank people we meet around town and share some positivity with them. People are always very excited to receive one and it creates ripples of positive energy around us!  Offering someone some sincere words of appreciation like this makes a HUGE difference. It is the opposite of a trigger, it’s a glimmer! It shines so we see ourselves in each other.


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valuable self kindness ebook program

Printable I Am Affirmation Poster

You Are Worthy!

You Are Lovable!

You Are Enough!

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Joe is a truly beautiful human being. He continues to encourage others even when enduring personal hardships. It’s a honor to know Joe.

Jennifer S.

In a world of negativity and being bombarded with bad news, Joe is a lighthouse to many. With his positive attitude, Affirmations, and continuous effort to create positive change. He’s a breath of fresh air. And not just on social media, but in his daily life. 


Everywhere I go people tell me the world needs more people like me radiating kindness! Well you know what? You ARE more people like me! You matter! You make a difference! Join us! Read and share our Kindness Brothers Newsletter!

Joe’s commitment to spreading goodness serves as an inspiring example, helping people recognize the inherent good in the world and encouraging them to engage in acts of kindness and understanding. His impact is a testament to the power of one person’s dedication to making the world a better place.

Harold H.

Joe Segal epitomizes kindness towards others, and when he asks you how you are, he genuinely means it, and he waits for the answer.

Leslie SoCal