Joseph Segal

Over the last thirty-seven years, I’ve been a student of indigenous people’s spiritual practices, a digital marketer, a prolific entrepreneur, a writer, a web developer, and a community activist. My passion is using my creativity and the holistic integration of Eastern and Western spiritual teachings to explore compassionate solutions that help improve the health and wellness of people and communities. It is my profoundly deep love for the world we share and desire to see unnecessary suffering in it diminish that drives me to improve myself and work to help others I find every day through my work and online social circles. 

The work I take on focuses on social entrepreneurship, but also extends into the corporate public health sector. I believe in the power of teams and solidarity among people to harness the greatest outcomes for the greater good, and that every individual is an expression of the Divine manifestation of love in the world.

We are all here to discover and share our unique gifts in ways that help us and others around us grow as human beings and find harmony in our communities and world. Both my professional and personal focus is centered around the health and wellness of people, organizations, communities, and society.

 I’ve just written my first book entitled “Get Happier” Steps you can take to enjoy a happier life.

It presents easy to read, inspiring, and easy to implement steps everyone can take to increase our happiness including our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.
Order a copy for yourself, family, friends and or your employees today & Get Happier!

My second book is titled “Happiness Mindful Gratitude Journal“. It’s a 90-day journal designed to help a person create new gratitude and mindfulness habits that once cultivated result in greater self-compassion, self-confidence, and inner peace.  It includes a daily list of Happiness Activities the user can select from every day based upon social science research. You’ll enjoy using this very powerful new happiness and mindfulness journaling tool.

What I’ve learned is the more we Bless & thank everyone and everything in the world, the more blessings and things to be grateful we experience around us. 

My next journal is a Prayers & Blessings For Compassion Journal that will give the reader a new inspiring spiritual blessing and prayer every day and provide them with a private sacred space to write their thoughts, their wishes and prayers as well as send blessings out into the world for those they love and things they care about! I’m very excited about this new journal!

What I’ve learned is the more we Bless & thank everyone and everything in the world, the more blessings and things to be grateful we experience around us. Scrolling our Twitter and other social media timelines trains us to feel angry, resentful and victimized by others in ways that not only seriously and negatively impact our own health but also makes our society ill at the same time.  Our opportunity is to become aware and mindful living in the present moment and choosing our own focus so we can create the life we want for ourselves and contribute to creating the healthier, kinder and more just society we all want for each other.

This journal book will share dozens of unique and deeply meaningful spiritual blessings and prayers the book’s user can meditate on, recite or adapt to use in their life to tune themselves into their highest vibration possible each day! 

Here is one of the prayers from this book.


“I lift my voice up to the Heavens as I open my heart and soul
to Divine love and invite wisdom and compassion
to guide me today in all I do and all I say.”


I’ve found that the Universe is a field of infinite love and infinite potential that we can awaken into one deep mindful breath, one compassionate kind thought or act at a time. 

I will also be releasing a new book titled “Becoming a love revolutionary. Changing the world by walking your path of heart!” very soon! It is a series of very personal essays that explore how love, compassion, and leading an authentic life can heal not just individuals but communities and indeed our entire planet. This is a very beautiful life filled with amazing people, experiences and opportunities to learn and grow. I’ve found that the Universe is a field of infinite love and infinite potential that we can awaken into one deep mindful breath, one compassionate kind thought or act at a time.

 I have a background in commercial art and design which began in the early nineteen eighties when I worked for design studios and commercial printers. In the mid-nineties, I branched out on my own starting my company in digital marketing as an affiliate marketer and affiliate program manager. I’ve also created a successful IT development firm that serves the health services industry. For the last forty years, I’ve studied psychology and personal growth and development including the culture and wisdom teaching of Native Americans in my quest to become a better person and help others. I’ve combined my background in web development and personal development to create a course that teaches cutting edge life happiness skills you can find at  My new startup shares tools and ideas for personal development including our Affirmations & Incantations For Happiness self-compassion program designed to help us reprogram our subconscious mind to support our goals and healthy happy lives! It is my firm belief that people and societies heal from the inside out. The more we work to improve ourselves and become more mindful, at the moment, and more compassionate, the more we help each other and our communities, and consequently the better off everyone is.

Progressive Web Development

As a Project Manager I am responsible for understanding, developing, and improving project plans, estimates, scoping, and requirements throughout the project implementation. I stay focused on details and engaged with all stakeholders to facilitate the highest quality outcome possible. More than understanding the life cycle of a project and the challenges of working with a variety of vendors, personalities, and technologies, I take pleasure in understanding the essential nature of the project. I work with projects, companies, and people who are committed to creating value, reducing suffering, and solving problems and each project is therefore vitally important. I understand the importance of developing a detailed (SOW) Statement Of Work so every stakeholder is clear about the path forward and the desired outcome.

Open Source Social Entrepreneurship

Working with programmers, artists, and content producers, I have helped bring to life a series of social entrepreneur web properties. I prefer to work with open-source platforms like WordPress, and I’m a strong advocate of the democratizing of access to the web that open source software allows.  It is for this same reason that I’m excited to work in the field of online learning.

Website design and development

Website design and development including corporate, e-commerce, campaign and blog websites.

Facebook business engagement

Facebook Page Creation, Custom Applications & Group creation and management.

Advanced WordPress Management

Advanced WordPress development and administration.

Affiliate program management

Affiliate program operations and management services.

Custom web application development

Custom web application design and development.

Building community engagement

Building support for social media campaigns and growing communities via blogs, social networks, and micro blogging tools.

Project management

Project Management, including management of programmers, artists, contributing writers.

Integrating APIs

Experience working with web services and API’s to deliver greater value to end users.

Social Media Campaign Management

Social Media Campaign Management. Including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and others.

Writing feature articles.

Writing long form compelling quality content.

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click advertising management.

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click advertising management across various advertising platforms.

Course design and development

Design, development and implementation of online courses.